Why Seeking Conspiracy Is Stupid

| April 10, 2014 | 1 Comment

secret conspiracyA new religion is around – it is called conspirology. Seeking conspiracies is not something new, but now it has some religious patterns because conspiracy connoisseurs perceive conspiracy as something existing for its own sake. Although there have been many plots in history, conspiracy theories are pernicious as long as they create the strong belief that we are all helpless against some kind of elusive evil forces. This belief is successfully preventing many ordinary people from thinking and analyzing the world.

Conspiracy theories – origins
Here is the way conspiracy connoisseurs think: if there is no proof for your theory, this means that all facts are hidden. If there is no proof for anything, all kinds of assumptions are possible. The more extravagant, the better. Conspiracy theories are an attempt to explain things that are secret phenomena for the common people, such as the job of the secret services. The explanation is simplified in order to fit in certain archetypal concepts – for example the good guys and the bad guys. The bad guys are usually rival nations, religious sects and orders, or simply Jews. Conspiracy theories are illustrative of the mythological background of the society in which they appeared and usually have little to do with reality. Researching conspiracy myths is something very conceptual for sociological studies.

The Jewish example
Conspirologists very often associate their conspiracy theories with Jews. Indisputably, many representatives of the world financial elite are of Jewish origin, but all the Jews around the world are about 18 million. It is insane to think that so many people may take part in a plot just because 18 million people are too many to keep a secret. The little grain of truth in this myth hides in some historic events – at the end of the 14th century the Inquisition in Spain started persecuting Jews because of their religion. After that, a part of the rich Jews turned to Britain (the rival of Spain) and these Jews were incorporated in the British elite. It is a fact that we do not have reasons to like the present financial elite. But hating the whole Jewish nation just because there are Jewish families in the elite is lumpish.

Instead of a conclusion, we, Bitter Bananas, remind you not to use conspiracy myths as an excuse for not acting as a free person. If you believe in conspiracy theories, you actually believe that you are a wretch and you like it. Just because it means that you accept the role of a pawn. Being a pawn means being dirigible.

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  1. Mollie Norris says:

    “Conspiracy theories are an attempt to explain things that are secret phenomena for the common people”? – this is a disinformation label used to discredit and/or marginalize eyewitnesses, whistleblowers, researchers, etc who don’t support the official propaganda, first popularized to discredit witnesses who saw two gunmen at JFK’s assassination, expanded to include truthers, birthers, deniers, and skeptics.

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