Who is to Blame – Some Countries or The Elites? Know Your Real Enemy

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Putting David Cameron on this post wasn't intentional at all.

Putting David Cameron on this post wasn’t intentional at all.

Interested in politics? Looking for an enemy country that is the culprit for all misfortunes?

Wrong strategy. The aim of this article is to hint at the real cause for the problems of our time. Hating other nations is counter-productive. Because if you want to change the present situation, awareness is of the essence – the understanding that real cause of all wars and other economic confrontations are the interests of the economic oligarchy. Unawareness achieved through media manipulation is the most powerful weapon of the oligarchy.

The elite – now and then
Today’s elites differ from the elites of ancient times. Long time ago, the elites were consisted of the most skillful and educated people of the community. Nowadays, the elites take decisions that are senseless and detrimental for society, but serve very well for enriching the elites. Here is a quite familiar example – declaring a war to a country on the other side of the globe in order to rob its resources. Of course, the media will describe it as caring democracy. Financial elites have lately become pretty impudent – we are witnessing banks plundering their clients’ money and remain unpunished. These elites have nothing to do with the elites of the early years of human history that were meant to be the best members of society.

Two fighters against elites
In the 20th century, there were two major fighters against elites – Joseph Stalin and John Kennedy. Stalin fought against the covetous power-loving party elite and seriously restricted its authority. After his death, he was depicted as a tyrant because history is interpreted upon the order of the elite that really hated Stalin. Later, this greedy inadequate elite destroyed the USSR.
In USA, there is a strange coincidence with John Kennedy: he died shortly after his positions differed from the ones of the Federal Reserve System (FRS). It is a fact – USA are occupied by the FRS, having to pay trillions of dollars to private banks.
The stories of Stalin and Kennedy are illustrative of the fact that elites are driven only by the desire of power.

Elites rule the world according to the ancient principle divide and rule. By means of dividing nations they can achieve any political goal. The mass media serve the elite to turn people into mobs. Because a mob is easy to handle – it does not consist of thinking members. But nature, God or whatever you call it created the human being with a brain. The enemies of humanity impede the usage of brains by means of the mass media. What you have to do is to start thinking – the only way to reduce the risk of being manipulated.

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