What Is Bitter Banana?

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We all know what a banana is. It’s a delicious sweet yellow fruit coming from Ecuador 😀

But what is a bitter banana?
Imagine you are eating the same good looking Ecuadorian banana but instead of having that sweet taste, it’s bitter like pepper. You are not going to like it, right?

However it’s interesting that if someone is giving away the same bitter bananas for free, most people are going to rush and get them, they are free! And a lot of those people are going to eat them even though they may have better food too. They eat them, they don’t like them, they may or may not complain, who cares, it’s important that after eating lots of bananas you don’t feel hungry anymore. And after you get used to the bad tasting food, you become OK with it, you can eat it everyday – it’s the cheapest and easiest food you can get. You actually may promote the idea of eating bitter bananas to your friends, it seems good enough to you.

The example seems strange but it says a lot. You may be wondering why our online magazine is called Bitter Bananas when we are about to discuss serious topics.

So Why Bitter Bananas?
It’s a metaphor. The example above is more common than you think. But it’s not literally about bananas, it’s about life. It’s about human behaviors, beliefs, delusions, unawareness, ignorance, adaptation and comfort.
The truth is that many people, act like monkeys (nothing against the animal) when it comes to real issues.

The example with the bitter bananas is illustrating what is happening and how lots of people respond in real life when real problems and challenges happen on global, local and personal level.
Think about it.

In this site we are going to talk about what is not OK and what people are missing. We will discuss major topics that affect many of us worldwide. Whether it is about economics, money, politics, human relations, common sense or anything significant, we will try to give our best on the particular topic.

If you want to learn more about us, read the about bitter bananas page.

Remember, there are 2 major common things:
Common Sense & Common Stupidity

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