War is NOT a Video Game, Morons!

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bombWith the practical start of the new cold war, the possibilities of an actual hot war are rising. Wars around the world have never stopped but because the territories of the Western countries have been relatively peaceful grounds for the last 60-70 years people there don’t realize that it’s a serious threat.

War is not a joke, especially when we talk about the potential start of World War III with the biggest nuclear powers facing each other.
And yet, the escalation of pro-war talks among ordinary people is just astonishing. Those morons probably don’t realize that war is not a video game. It’s not an entertainment event that you can be part of and it’s not a sports competition.

This article is not an analysis or prediction about whether there is going to be a 3rd world war. Cases can be made for both. This article is to expose the stupidity of the ordinary people who want war in general, wherever they are.

If you follow what people say these days on social media and forums you will see many comments that scream basically the same “lets start a war and kick their ass” from all sides.
“Putin will teach them a lesson, nuke USA!”, or “NATO will destroy the crappy Russian army”, or “We must attack Syria” are just few of the many warmongering themes you can find. All these people are idiots.

People are used to violence and killing but from spectators view – from the media, the movies, the video games. This crates a deception that war is not real. That it is not a big deal if you get shot. It’s not a big deal if people kill each other. You know it’s happening but the perception you have about it is absolutely wrong and have nothing to do with reality.

In war people die, lives are destroyed, families are ruined, economies fall, epidemics spread, anarchy rises, civil life is lost and you are part of all of that, if you are lucky enough to survive.

In a video game when you get killed you restart the game and try again. In the real world if you get killed you will stay dead forever.

There are no real benefits for ordinary people from a war. Even if you are from the winning side. History gives us enough examples.

Why do ordinary people want wars?
In one word, they are STUPID!

What makes them stupid?
People support war for many reasons:
– Pure hate towards others
– Need of proof that they are on the winning side, the “better side” (this is deep psychology)
– National pseudo-patriotic pride
– Belief that better times are going to come after the war – money, land, less enemies
– Seeing the opponent as the ultimate cause for all evil
– They are psychopaths, criminals or blood-thirsty people with mental issues
– They are brainwashed fanatics who follow aggressive ideologies
– They serve someone who really benefits from war
– They think it’s cool and exciting

None of these is rational or justified. But for many people they set a norm and form their opinion.

Self-defense and defending its own people is a must for any respectable country. Sometimes military actions are necessary and can’t be avoided. But why would anybody want a war if they can avoid it? Stupidity.

War is NOT a video game, morons!

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