Victory Day: Some Myths Worth Busting

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Victory DayThere are some myths about the Victory Day (May 9) Worth Busting.

Every year the celebrations of the victory over Nazism are accompanied by some senseless statements that deny the importance of the Soviet Union for the defeat of the Third Reich. To help you remove the bitter bananas from the story, we translated an extract from an interview of the famous Russian political expert Anatoly Wasserman:

After 25 years of brainwashing in the post-Soviet space the only thing remaining that unites us is the Victory (except for marginal groups, such as Ukrainian, Estonian and Latvian Nazis whose ancestors fought on German side)… This is why everyone who wishes to finish the destruction of our country and our people will strike the Victory first. There is a number of black myths formed, beginning with “If we had lost the war, we would now drink Bavarian Beer” and finishing with the story about the two million German women raped.  A little check-up – we could not drink Bavarian beer as long as if we had lost the war we would be wage slaves of Bavarians in the best case and the author of this quote wouldn’t have been born as long as Germans would have exterminated his ancestors in order to do away with the Jewish question.

There were not 2 million raped German women and there could not have been such a number. Unfortunately, among the millions of people in the Soviet army, there were several thousands criminals with several hundred rapists in the account. They were captured and punished according to the military laws, otherwise the army without discipline could not be at war successfully. The fact that on the eve of the Soviet invasion in Germany, there was an order for special jurisdiction in the area of the Barbarossa plan, according to which it was possible not to punish criminals among the military, lead to the demoralization of the German army to a great extent. There were, of course, other reasons, but this had influence, too. As long as the German women are concerned, there were many complaints of rape because under the terms of Soviet and German laws at that time, abortion was permitted in case of rape, that is why every woman that wanted abortion claimed she was raped.

The problem is that there is an attempt to create a legend and this legend is created in order for us to be annihilated. It is clear that until our country is weak, there will be people that want us to be weak and there will continue to appear falsifications of history…


This interview is illustrative of the popular misconceptions about the war. We, the team of Bitter Bananas, promise to unveil more stories and bust more myths that hinder the understanding of historic processed.

You can watch the original interview (in Russian) here:

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