Ukraine Divided – The Violent Ukrainian Protests Explained

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protests in ukraineUkraine – one of the poorest countries in Europe is almost in a civil war. The ongoing lawlessness and violence and the inability of Ukrainian authorities to deal with them threaten to turn into a humanitarian crisis. Even the future existence of the country is called into question. Here is a short explanation of the problem.

Between Russia and EU – how it started

The whole story began when Ukraine refused to sign association agreement with EU. The refusal lead to anti-government protests that have been around since then. The choice of Ukrainian authorities is logical – Ukrainian industry can hardly meet European standards whereas the Russian market is quite secure for Ukrainian goods. Protesters did not hide this – they do not emphasize on the economical drawbacks but speak about a choice of civilizations. Some Western politicians were impertinent enough to appear in the protesting crowds. But the choice of civilizations in a country where 5/6 of the population are Russian speakers is clear for the majority of citizens. What is more, the escalation of violence in January showed that protesters have nothing to do with freedom and justice as long as neo-nazi protesting groups started beating and stabbing people and the conflict spread throughout Ukraine.

Weak Statesmen

President Yanukovych proved to be a weak statesman by not letting the police act as it should. Neo-nazis throw Molotov cocktails at the policemen, stone them and in the same time the police is not allowed to defend itself. Instead of insisting on law and order, the weak president tries to negotiate with the opposition that proves to be criminal and even promises amnesty for it, thus betraying his nation while radicals threaten to use weapons. The behavior of the president shows how decadent the Ukrainian ruling class is – the bank accounts of Ukrainian oligarchy are in Western banks, so it is clear that authorities cannot act properly against the Pro-Western neo-nazi protesters. In the same time, Cossacks and ordinary citizens in Eastern and Southern Ukraine get ready to defend themselves against riots as long as the government does not do this for them.

Bad Perspective

The future is not bright. A country, the name of which means outskirts, is very likely to divide into parts. Maybe it is about to divide just because a part of its population fails to understand the outskirts of which country they are.

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