Ukraine – Bargaining Chip in the Battle Between China and USA for the EU Market

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ukraine china 2013In this article about the Ukrainian crisis, we present a point of view that is pretty different from the ones on the mass media. The economist Mikhail Khazin gives a well-grounded explanation of the situation in Ukraine with the competition between China and USA for markets. Here are the most significant points.

“Ukraine was created at the beginning of the 1990s as a part of the corridor between Western Europe and Russia, that was under the control of USA, in order to prevent rapprochement between Russia and Western Europe. Consequently, there was always a pro-American government there. We should not create illusions. The only difference between Yanukovych and Yushchenko is that within the pro-American political line Yushchenko was more oriented to Berlin, while Yanukovych was more oriented to Moscow. That’s all…”
Mikhail Khazin explains Yanukovich’s mistakes this way: “…he began creating an oligarchic monopoly in Ukraine… Yanukovich began to oust everyone else which drew all oligarchs mad and they united against him… Yanukovich very much wanted to sign the association agreement [with EU], he is not a Moscow man and he does not care about Moscow’s interests. He wanted to sign the association agreement because he thought that if he drove Ukraine in EU, even as a colony, his personal assets will be safe in EU.”

Yanukovych’s visit to China
After Yanukovych’s refusal to sign the agreement in Vilnius, the first Maidan began. “Later Yanukovych went to Kiev and organized the first Maidan, the students’ one… The aim was to explain to Putin that the people wanted EU. He himself visited Beijing, he did not fear that Maidan because it was his own Maidan. Why did he visit Beijing? To sell Crimea. An agreement was reached in Beijing, which consisted of three points, one of which was publicly discussed – the building of a Chinese sea-port in Crimea. The second point were Chinese investments up to $ 15 billion in connection with the port by the middle of 2015, right for the elections [in Ukraine]. And, finally, the third, that the Chinese are allowed to have up to 2 million people in Crimea in order to build the sea-port… One million Chinese in Crimea, it is rather an occupation, we should understand that they will most probably be tough men, not the members of their families.”

Why USA interfered
“While Yanukovych was flying back to Kiev, the Americans decided to eliminate him… Because to the year 2015, a significant reformatting of the world financial system will happen with debilitation of dollar. In other words, the main source of income of American budget and American government – money printing, will be considerably debilitated. In order to compensate for that, new markets should be conquered. World’s biggest market, except USA, is the European Union… If China’s Great Silk Road reaches EU markets before the collapse of the EU… China will conquer everyone. Why a sea-port in Crimea? Because China needs a Great Silk Road that is not under American control… [USA] wouldn’t let China built this port fast… That is why Americans ordered their agent Lyovochkin, who was Head of Yanukovych’s administration, to organize a public, demonstrative and cruel disperse of the students. But the students were leaving the Maidan – they were paid, they did their job, Yanukovych didn’t need them as long as he had an agreement with China, and all would have ended. But Lyovochkin, secretly from Yanukovych, ordered the disperse of the crowd in front of TV cameras. After that Americans take their militants to the Maidan in order to topple Yanukovych…”

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