Turkish Dictatorship – Not a Problem for the West?

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erdoganTurkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has never been as impertinent as now – by banning Twitter in Turkey he is boasting off power and even claimed that he does not care about the opinion of the international community. Erdogan’s government remained stable after long-lasting riots and has a significant number of core supporters. In the same time, there are many opponents to Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman dreams in Turkey itself. It is disturbing that the country with the second-largest army in NATO is ruled by Islamic extremists.

Western double standards
Just another example of double standards of Western journalism. For Western media, Crimea’s return to Russia was described as annexing, although Crimea is inhabited mainly by ethnic Russians. In the same time, Erdogan’s ban on one of the world’s most popular media network is not a violation of the human rights of Turkish citizens. What is more, there are no sanctions for the Turkish Government. So who is good and who is bad? Does it mean that dictatorship is good only in USA’s allies? (assuming they are still allies)

The Neo-Ottoman paradox
The Neo-Ottoman aspirations of Turkey are merely a mythic glorification of the Ottoman Empire that was a rich but technically underdeveloped feudal country in the last 300 years of its existence. In the same time, it enjoyed the support of the West as long as it was used as weapon against the Russian Empire. The Neo-Ottoman idea opposes to the idea of a secular and developed Turkey that was launched by the prominent Turkish statesman Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in the 1920s. Atatürk wanted to build a worldly modern country that includes the territory inhabited by the Turkish people.

The Neo-Ottoman and Islamist politics can lead only to a civil war in Turkey as long as Atatürk’s idea still has a great number of proponents in the country. A Western support to Erdogan means support to Islamic extremism and dictatorship, to say nothing of the oppression of the Kurd minority that composes about 20% of the population of Turkey. What is more, if the West supports Erdogan, it neglects its allies in the neighboring countries.
A powerful country with extremist government is just like a mentally ill person with a machine gun.

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