Transnational Capitalism – The Real Evil Empire

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transnational capital

Apologists of capitalism claim that this system is the one that allows the individual to fulfil itself. This is true only in the dreams of liberal visionaries because capitals crossed the borders of countries long ago and became transnational. In real life, capitalism is the system that robs countries, ignites wars and enslaves other nations. This happens because capitalism is not meant to provide conditions for you to fulfil yourself, but to increase capitals for their own sake.

Peculiarities of transnational capitalism

The most important point of transnational capitalism is the need to establish supranational structures as long as plutocrats usually have economic interests in more than one country. In order to provide themselves with favorable political, statutory and sociological conditions, entrepreneurs have to create hidden organisations that allow them to buy political parties, lawmakers, media and corrupt pseudo-intellectuals in the countries where their business is situated. Stupid conspiracy-seekers usually talk about secret religious orders and hardly ever mention clusters of tycoons that sometimes plunder whole continents.

Transnational capitalism in action

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Great Britain was a center of the accumulation of capital. Britain became the world’s most powerful colonial country by selling goods to European countries that were at war with each other for a long time. While Europeans were exhausted by the continuous wars, Britain took the sea routes to India under control and conquered India. Thus Britain was capable of controlling political processes on the whole European peninsula. By examining the existing contradictions among the social strata in European countries, the British capital managed to create a chaos through its superior secret services and pursue its economic interests. Later, the USA replaced Britain and became the next center of accumulation of capital. What we witness in the last several decades is the replacement of the country as a political unit by transnational capital. USA lost the wars in Korea and Vietnam, they failed to protect their ally Pakistan during the Indo-Pakistani war in 1971. Because transnational corporations that own US economy do not need to win a war – the presence of the money-printing machine allows them to export instability that helps them achieve their geopolitical goals.

Instead of a conclusion

The majority of people fail to understand the logic of historic events. Most probably because the way we learn history at school rather resembles learning a phone book – learning events but not seeking the correlation between them. What is more, the facts that would help us comprehend what it is all about often remain hidden. We need a new science that explains history through the economic point of view in order to get a clear picture of the event horizon. Otherwise we will be nothing but dirigible masses.

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