The West – Shocked by Russia’s Actions

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Mikhail Delyagin

We offer you an analysis of the relationship between Russia and the West by the economist Mikhail Delyagin. It is an excerpt of his own program “Delyagin’s Hour”. The statement is from April this year, short after the reunification with Crimea.

“The West is united again, as in the years of the Cold War. I hope that it is temporary, but today it is united. It has a mutual task, a common goal, though it is not as large-scale as it was then – to turn Ukraine that used to be Golden in the past into ruins, into Banderistan, the political and intellectual elites of which will resemble the Polish and the Baltic ones, which determine themselves through furious hatred against Russia. The task is to destroy a country that used to be blooming and rich – in the USSR Ukraine was much richer than Russia. Who could even imagine this now? This poor country will be turned into a wild field burnt by misery and wretchedness that will exist just because of its hatred against Russia. It will burn through self-replicating Russophobia. It will be caused not only by the “reasonable” global competition that I just mentioned, but also by the grave mental trauma of the Western elite and especially its neophytes from Eastern Europe. During the last quarter-century of national betrayal, since Gorbachev’s 1987, Western elites got accustomed to making Russia give up its national interests and act in favor of the West. Individual exceptions only prove the rule. The reversal of Primakov’s plane over the Atlantic – nothing but a symbolic gesture. The seizure of Prishtina’s airport by our commandos (under the command of the present President of Ingushetia, we won’t forget that) – nothing but a symbolic gesture. Putin’s Munich speech – nothing but a symbolic gesture. The defense of South Ossetia from a democratic genocide – we defended South Ossetia but did not push further. Saakashvili remained in government, though the genocide was prepared by the greater part of the international community that financed and instructed Saakashvili, instructed his mercenaries, his militants until Saakashvili’s government existed on American grants.

An these exceptions only proof the rule. We put up with all and did what they wanted from us. Quarter-century, even more – 26 years. As a result, the Western political clique, several generations of politicians changed during this period, they got accustomed to regarding their interests as the only legal interests in the world and perceived Russia’s interests the same way as the visitor of a stake-house perceives the interests of the cow: Russia is a trophy space that must be plundered and Russians are aborigines that mistakenly still inhabit it, the faster they die out, the better.

In Crimea Russia demonstrated the ability not even to defend its interests, but to be aware of them. When Russia turned out to be able to disclaim Western interests in one certain point, the Western elites were shocked. Their world literally turned upside down. For them black became white and white became black. The dream became true. This is for the Western elite. The prostituting elite of Eastern Europe this shock aggravated with a terrifying question: what if they vulgarly didn’t sell themselves to the right one? They used to sell themselves to the most powerful, they sold themselves to the richest, they sold themselves and now they are standing on their miserable pennies, they don’t have income, they destroyed their economies, they left their peoples frustrated. Look at Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, even Poland that is the best country in Eastern Europe – there is poverty even there, despair, impasse… Poles hate us passionately. Nevertheless, Polish business here because otherwise it is impossible to work. And they ask themselves the terrifying question: what if they didn’t sell themselves to the right one? Not to the most powerful, but to the historically weakest that will continue to become weaker and will not manage to provide them with the required welfare and goods…”

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