The War In Ukraine – Road To Catastrophe

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mariupol ukraineIt’s a total mess. That’s the so called Ukrainian crisis. The war that is going on there is a road to catastrophe – it’s already local, it might turn into global.

We’ve covered the Kiev protests earlier this year, our prediction that the country would divide turned out to be right. We later explained the situation in Crimea and if you follow us on twitter you know that we comment on the events every day. It’s not because Ukraine is hot news but because it’s the most important battlefield in the world since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Brief of what is going on in Ukraine:

It’s a proxy war between the global elite (who controls the United States and uses the country as a face and main weapon) and Russia. It’s a proxy war because they are using 3rd party forces to fight each other. There are the anti-Russian neo-Nazis from Western Ukraine who are put in charge by the US (also known as “democratic activists” in the mainstream media) and on the other side there are the pro-Russian people from Eastern and Southern Ukraine who are basically Russians from cultural and historical standpoint (known as separatist and terrorists in the mass media).

Basically the Nazis are the main force that is used to escalate a civil war because the Ukrainian military (despite being controlled by unelected illegal coup government) is unreliable due to lack of resources and questionable loyalty to the new regime. These radicals shoot people with sniper rifles, beat up anyone who is not with them and set buildings on fire burning people alive. This doesn’t seem to bother the Western political elite, who cares that people in Kiev, Odessa, Mariupol, Donetsk and other cities are dying.

odessa massacre fire

At least 40 people burned alive in Odessa.

They can blame it all on the Russians and the evil Putin who for some unknown reason don’t want to surrender and accept the role of slaves to the good peaceful Western elite.

You have to understand that this is an attack against Russia. No one cares about Ukraine. It’s in the interest of the United States this country to be destabilized creating a mess for the Russians to worry about, directly affecting the Russian economy and the relations between the European countries with Russia. Not to mention that they want to surround Russia militarily.
By the way the European Union has no such interest but the idiots who are in charge there are basically US puppets.

Crimea managed to escape from the artificial country of Ukraine (it’s a big USSR mistake) thanks to the fast reaction of the Russian Federation that had to protect its biggest naval base. People there are happy, their living conditions will get better and they are not being killed every day.

Unfortunately the people in Eastern Ukraine and those in the Odessa region are far from being safe. The referendums in Lugansk and Donetsk the other day gave occasion to those regions to proclaim independence from Ukraine. Obviously no one except the Russians is going to accept the results and recognize those new states. That means the military operations there led by the Kiev junta are going to continue. Due to the geography of the regions there is no easy way to secure them, therefore there is no way for the new republics to be in fact independent.

Donetsk and Lugansk have to join Russia in order to get rid of the pro-Maidan forces. They don’t mind that. This can only happen if Russia deploys official military there. For now, Russia doesn’t want to do that. It’s expensive, takes a lot of money and energy, it will further ruin relationships with other countries and if something goes wrong a bigger war may happen, so they are not going to rush.

Ukraine as a country is doomed. It’s probably worse than Yugoslavia. The people in Ukraine will suffer even more. The country is bankrupt, the population is divided to a point that they hate each other to death. They have never been really united but now is to a point of no return. It’s better for all to separate. This is a catastrophe for the average people there. It’s a huge problem for Europe and Russia.

Can this lead to a global catastrophe? Sure. You have to be blind not to see the whole military build up and the extreme tension between the sides. The Ukraine situation most likely won’t escalate to a global military conflict, it started the official Cold War 2. Maybe it’s too early to talk about World War 3, but we can’t count it out, lets hope it never happens.

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