The Unwritten Rules Of Modern Democracy

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democracyDemocracy is one of the most widely used meaningless words that you can think of. Sure it has a definition that comes from ancient Greece – “rule of the people”, but it’s meaningless word today because it’s used as some sacred doctrine for whatever we can think of without actually putting a real sense into it.

Naturally people relate democracy with rights and freedom – rights to vote, freedom of speech, justice, acceptance of the different.

All these are great things and they represent the bright side of the word and why it is important, but because we all agree that it is important and good there are people who use it as a pretext that justifies something bad, as an excuse for doing stupid things, as a mask to cover their mess.

The unwritten rules of modern democracy are basically facts that are not mentioned in the definition of the word but there are out there. They are what make the word democracy practically meaningless today. It’s meant to serve the people and these days it’s really hard to make a case for it.

Rules of modern democracy:

1. Use democracy as argument when you have nothing else to say
It’s a widely used word for a benefit of an argument when there is nothing else that can support the actual argument.

2. Democracy is the freedom to elect our own dictators

3. Democracy is an excuse for killing people and taking their wealth

4. A process is considered democratic only if it fits our own interests

5. People who don’t live in democracy must be forced to accept it even if they don’t want it

6. Free speech in mass media is great as long as we agree with it

7. Having personal privacy is not democratic
After all full transparency is essential for democracy to work, right?

8. Transparency in politics and finance is not acceptable

9. You can exercise your constitutional rights, as long as you can afford it

10. If you are from a previously repressed minority group, you should demand more rights and privileges than other people

11. We care only about democracy in countries where we have geopolitical and business interest

12. Big corporations are always right

13. Questioning the legitimacy and/or the integrity of your government is wrong and against democracy

14. Our political opponents do not support democracy

15. It is not democratic to have alternatives to democracy

16. Never question the democracy in USA and UK

17. Certain countries have a monopoly on democracy and absolute right to dictate democracy

18. Democracy justifies violent riots

Do you need explanations and examples for each of the “modern rules of democracy”? Most likely you don’t. Examples are everywhere. Which leads us to the conclusion that:

Today… Democracy is hypocrisy. Unfortunately.

If we really think about it, true democracy (for what it’s meant, not the technical aspect of it) seems like utopia today. It’s not real, we all want it and we want to believe we live in it, but we don’t. It’s one of those bitter bananas that we are fed with.

P.S. Help us add more rules to the list!!!

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