The Top 10 World Leaders Who Have Humiliated Obama (Ending The US Dominance)

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These world leaders make the top headline. They are strong, famous and they all have things in common. One of the things they all share is that they are probably the top world leaders who have humiliated Barack Obama either directly or indirectly with their words, policies and actions during the last 8 years. This way they’ve all contributed to the obvious trend of putting an end on the US dominance in the world.

All these leaders are controversial. You may love them or hate them, but one thing is sure. The perception that the United States is the untouchable world mega power has decreased greatly because of what they’ve done. Sure, the mainstream media has also helped a lot in some of the cases, but that’s their problem.

So here is the list of the top 10 world leaders who have humiliated Obama:

10. Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu
bibi netanyahu
The prime minister of Israel had a plenty of disagreements with the the Obama administration and the Democratic party in the US. And even though his country is greatly dependent on the help they receive from the United States, he wasn’t afraid to treat Obama like Mr. Nobody. He declined meetings with him and went on to speak in front of the US congress without invitation. He was applauded This way, no doubt, he humiliated the US presidential institution.

9. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
el sisi egypt
The president of Egypt Abdel Fattah el-Sisi ended the Obama’s favorite Muslim Brotherhood rule of Morsi. The radical islamists who came to power in Egypt during the so called Arab Spring (sponsored by the US State Department) were overruled by general Sisi and the Egyptian army thus destroying the plans for a big united Muslim caliphate. It is a big failure for the Obama administrations since the long time US ally is now turning more to Russia.

8. Hugo Chavez

hugo chavez
We all remember the former president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez who for years was the most outspoken critic of the global policies of the United States. Back in the days his main enemy was president Bush, but Obama wasn’t left out either. Hugo Chavez inspired millions of people in Latin America and around the world His brave words and strong stance gained him massive popularity.

7. Hassan Rouhani
hassan rouhani iran
The president of Iran is getting almost anything he wants from the US while still being considered an enemy (or sort of). The US lifted the sanctions against Iran. The US gave Iran influence over Iraq. The US paid $400 ransom to Iran for detained American citizens. Even the big US ally Israel feels betrayed over Iran, which if you are an US ally you are not happy about because you know if they can betray Israel, they can betray you. All this during the years of Obama.

6. Kim Jong-un
kim jong un
The leader of North Korea is a media star globally. Everyone in the US is scared by him. And yet, they seem totally helpless against him. They are helpless against a small poor country that managed to get nuclear technologies and nuclear weapons. It totally kills the perception of the all mighty US eagle. Of course, much of this North Korea talk is just hysterical hype, yet, perception s reality. And Obama has lost to Kim Jon-un on an information level.

5. Bashar al-Assad
bashar assad
The “bloody evil dictator” of Syria who murders the “peaceful moderate opposition” folks (yes, those same Al Qaeda folks who are backed by the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar) has survived a 5 year war. He messed up the Obama’s plans in the Middle East. Sure with the help of Russia and Iran, but the fact that there are millions of people in Syria who still stand behind him speaks loud about his leadership.

4. Rodrigo Duterte
He is a new star on the scene but that doesn’t stop the president of the Philippines to shine bright and destroy the exceptional image of Uncle Sam. Duterte is getting tons of media attention for his humiliating insults against president Obama and the United States. He called Obama “son of a whore”. Do you remember another world leader talking this way? And again, the US seems totally impotent. Can you imagine? The president of the vassal state of the Philippines is getting away with this.

3. Raul Castro
raul castro obama
This photo of Raul Castro and Barack Obama during the president’s historic visit in Cuba circled the whole world. Castro raised Obama’s arm just as he was about to shake his hand. The result was a limp wrist. Know your place! That’s what Castro meant. So humiliating for the who presidential institution, not just Obama. Americans were embarrassed.

2. Xi Jinping
xi jinping
China’s economy has surpassed the economy of the United States in purchasing power parity. They are taking successful actions in their way to become the leading country on the planet. China is practically winning the “fight for control over South China Sea”. And let’s not forget that they treated Obama like crap during the G20 event there this year. Xi Jinping has not insulted Obama directly, yet all these things give him a clear edge over his American counterpart.

1. Vladimir Putin
Whatever we say about Vladimir Putin it won’t be enough. he is the nightmare of all American politicians. They blame him for everything. They “praise” him so much that in the public eye he is the most formidable world leader. No one compares to Vladimir Putin. Even Americans think this way. Even those who hate Putin feel this way. He has called out and outsmarted the US president all over. And what does that mean? There is no full dominance of the United States anymore.

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