The Syrian War – All Masks Are Thrown Off

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SyriaThe situation in Syria is deteriorating and it is very likely for the country to become the next Iraq or Afghanistan, infected with the ”democracy” virus through bombardment squadrons. We are aware of the deadliness of the virus for these two countries. The willingness of USA to strike and the the decisiveness of China and Russia to confront are enough illustrative facts to show that the whole point is not peacemaking at all.


The ugly face of American democracy

USA is ready to defend the Syrian opposition, although that not long ago there were reports and videos of rebels murdering captives, many of them were civilians. A number of messages showed that the rebels were also exterminating the Christian minority in Syria. And there was a shocking video where an insurrectionist from the opposition cuts out and eats a dead soldier’s heart. So it is clear that USA is supporting Islamic extremists and terrorists. So what democracy is it all about when they want to unseat the secular authorities in favor of religious extremists?

Where political interests meet

We, Bitter Bananas, already mentioned about the plan to restore the Arabian Caliphate (see article  Mideast on Fire). Syria, as a secular country and Iran, as an enemy of Arabs, are obstacles for USA and Saudi Arabia. So it is a perfect way for USA to get out of the crisis – help Saudi Arabia create a new superpower and become its main military supplier. What is more, a new extremist big country will lead to instability both for Europe and Asia, provoking terrorism and endless wars. As a result, the peaceful North America will become a desired place for investments and banking. It is not surprising that Russia, China and even European countries that are NATO members will be against a military intervention in Syria.

A question worth asking

US stated that they have evidence that the Syrian regime launched a chemical attack. By evidence they mean intelligence information – intercepted phone conversations. But there is quite a big difference between proof and clues, don’t you think? And the public will hardly see the original version of the ”evidence”. The announcement came out before the UN experts made a clear statement whether the army used the chemical weapons. Maybe USA want to show that they may act neglecting the UN, not as a ”world’s policeman”, but as world’s SS-division.

Bitter Bananas will continue to read between the lines in order to help you understand the events that change and even threaten our lives.

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