The Shale Gas Deception

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fracking, frack offShale gas – one of the current bitter bananas liberal media throw at us. It is claimed that shale gas extraction is a major breakthrough in petrol industry that will help USA and European countries have energy independence. Big petrol companies are involved in exploring the opportunities to produce shale gas in Eastern Europe. But the real question is whether this will lead to a major change in the present status quo on the market. The answer is NO. Here’s an explanation why.

Pros and cons. Sorry, no pros.
Energy independence? Sounds good. But is it worth sacrificing huge territories and groundwater to extract gas? You can find much information on the net about the disasters caused by this kind of gas production in USA (the so called fracking). Do not forget – land is an agricultural resource. The price of the devastated land is not calculated when the price of the shale gas is determined. So if a price is announced, you already know what is not taken into account.

Suspicion of manipulations
There are some reasons why we, Bitter Bananas, doubt in the shale gas revolution. The first is that it is too much praised – enough to suspect that it is as good as it is claimed. The second one is that there is no exact information about the amount of gas produced with the help this technology. The third is that the chemical composition of the shale gas is not specified – the amount of hydrocarbons can vary much, which means that burning this kind of gas is quite inefficient.

Instead of a conclusion – what is the game about?
It is all an attempt to introduce the false conception that energy independence from the world’s biggest gas wells is possible. It is not even about making prices lower. Evidently, USA is putting much effort into propaganda techniques against its geopolitical competitors.

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