The REALITY is OVER: Putin Appoints Trump As President, Hillary Doomed? (US ELECTIONS RECAP)

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putin appoints trump

The US presidential reality show is over. And the winner is “The Donald”.

Against all official odds, Donald Trump was elected to become the 45th president of the “exceptional country”.
And despite getting fewer total votes than Crooked Hillary Clinton, he crushed her due to the way the most democratic electoral system in the world works.
And of course, it was Putin’s fault.

In Russia (and worldwide) people are joking that Vladimir Putin signed a decree to appoint Donald Trump as the new president of the North American federal region of Russia.
And we agree.

The Clinton campaign made it look like Putin is doing everything possible to make Trump president. There is no reason not to trust the bright progressive views of the democrats. They are intelligent and all that. So it turns out Trump is president elect now because of Putin.

Putin is God.

Otherwise it’s hard to explain why Donald has defeated a candidate backed by:
– All the mainstream media
– Hollywood
– Countless brainless celebrities
– Wall Street
– The majority of the US political class
– Rigged polls
– Voting fraud (alleged)
– Republican elites opposing Trump
– Most professional analysts

How can anyone win against all this?

The power of democracy?
Nah. Even the democrats don’t buy into their own crap that much.

It can only be the lord from Kremlin.
Putin appointed Trump.

Thank you, WikiLeaks.
Thank you, Mr. Assange.
Thank you, all other brave Russian agents and hackers around the world.
And thanks to all “alternative right” wackos who’s passion in these election helped a lot.

Without all of you, the world would have gotten a psycho witch ready to blow up the planet.

Now, we have Trump.
He is going to have tons of problems.
But yes, he is definitely the lesser of the two evils.

What about Hillary? Is she doomed?

Trump promised to prosecute her.
A lot of people want her in jail.
And she deserves it.

Now she is forced to try to save her own criminal ass.

Just look the way she reacted to her loss.
She didn’t show up in front of her crown in the election night.
She congratulated Trump immediately.
Then on the next day she offered to work with him on behalf of the country.

This screams: “PLEASE, DON’T LOCK ME UP”

In any case, the war between the powers behind both candidates is not over.

So folks (as Obama would say), don’t get overexcited by the good news.
Make fun of the crying trendies and liberals who’s biggest nightmare has come true. But have in mind that Trump doesn’t have a magic stick. And he has real opponents who will do anything to undermine him.
Plus, a lot of his proposed policies may just fail.

Hopefully, no one will blow up the planet in a WW3. At least the chances for this are now less.
Maybe even some local conflicts will be ended.
Yet, if anybody thinks tough times are not ahead, then just stop dreaming.

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