The Real Aim of the Sanctions Against Russia

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putinThe economic sanctions against Russia are a popular issue. Officially, they are meant to punish Russia for the situation in Ukraine. This is pretty hypocritical as long as US private military companies are present in Ukraine (not Russian) and the Nazi junta is killing a lot of civilians in Ukraine’s south-east regions with the blessing of the West. The sanctions have a different goal which can be explained through the geopolitical interests of the elites with Euro-Atlantic orientation.

The Real Aim
Unlike their supporters, Euro-Atlantic oligarchs are not imbecile. The economic sanctions against Russia provoked Russia’s contra-sanctions that seriously affected Western companies that are close-knit with Russia. But the neoliberal oligarchy does not care about the damage caused to their own economies because they have a different aim. By creating conditions that impede Russian business, they try to make Russian economic and financial elites topple Vladimir Putin because, for the time being, Putin is the only leader that has concepts for an economic doctrine that is an alternative to the neoliberal madness. If they manage to do this, the neoliberal political doctrine will have additional several decades of life and will most probably lead to the demise of humanity.

Putin’s Answer
Russia’s contra-sanctions are asymmetrical. They are rally painful for many Western companies because they deprive them of access to the vast Russian market. In the same time, contra-sanctions stimulate Russian business to substitute goods and services that were formerly provided by foreign companies – something that was impossible earlier because of the neoliberal political course that was pretty much subject to the conditions of the World Trade Organization. In spite of the Western sanctions, many Western companies openly alleged that they are going to continue their cooperation with Russia.

The ability of the Western oligarchy to put pressure on Russia is not infinite. The collapse of markets is going to happen soon so we can hope that they will not manage to conquer Russia or ignite a big war somewhere else on the world (e.g. the Middle East) in order to fulfill their dreams about the Golden billion.

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