The Popcorn Culture – Panem et circenses!

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popcorn culture“Panem et circenses!” is a popular Latin phrase that dates from the years of the great Roman empire, it literally means “bread and circuses”. In other words, to control and not worry about the population you just have to give them food and entertainment. The same method is used today very successfully resulting in what I call “The Popcorn Culture“.

In my last post I wrote about how our society is mainly dominated by the “Celebrity Worshiping Culture“, but that culture wouldn’t have existed to that extent without the fundamental Popcorn Culture. You see they go hand in hand. That cultural combination is a very effective way to dumb down and distract the population. The Romans have been genius.

In today’s world the phrase “bread and circuses” seems to need a little change…
Maybe “fast food and Hollywood” would be a good fit. It’s still the same thing but in modern environment. No one can argue with that.

You don’t need a lot of explanations and examples to see and realize what is going on. People are in COMA, especially those in the developed Western societies. Sports, movies, soap operas, video games and reality programs take 99% of the time of the ordinary people. Combine it with the cheap unhealthy fast food, add some beer and enjoy life. Everyone is happy and fine. Until it’s slaughter time.

It doesn’t matter that you are a modern day slave who lives in a fake democracy with all the consequences coming from that. No, all that matters is who will win the next sports event or the next reality show, or who will star in the next big movie, what’s happening with the Kardashians, etc. As long as you can afford to pay for cable, buy beer and eat yummy junk you will be happy.

And if for some reason you get interested in things that maybe matter “a little bit” more than the Sunday game (like current economics, trends, politics, world affairs, and how they all reflect on you and your relatives), guess what, you will get to “enjoy” more soap opera and bullshit, because that’s all you can find on the mainstream media.

To prove that many people are in fact zombies who have lost touch with reality, I’ll give you an irregular example. I believe it was 2004 when a big earthquake and then tsunami happened in the Indian Ocean which killed over 200 thousand people, mostly in Indonesia. There were tourists from all over the world at that time. Many of the survived witnesses say that a lot of those tourists have acted unnatural when they had seen the tsunami waves. Animals and then the local people have run to find a way to survive while the zombie tourists have watched from the front rows and have taken photos like it’s not real threat to them, it’s part of the experience, part of the show.

Reality is relative. Even when you see something bad happening, you act like it’s not real. The popcorn culture is powerful.

You know what, forget about everything so far…

Get popcorn, turn on the TV, open a can of beer and be quite.

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