The Love Doctor: Valentine’s Day Exposed (Special Edition)

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valentines dayLet’s take a break from the economics, politics and finances and focus on love. Relationships, love and sex are big part of our lives and we have to understand them. The bitter bananas are not few there either.
We are introducing the new rubric of the magazine called “The Love Doctor”.

No, I’m not going to diss the Valentine’s day. It’s great for the chocolate, flowers and wine industries, these sectors employ many people.
It’s a celebration of romantic love, it’s great day for many people, especially for the women.

Love Doctor: “If it gives you joy and makes you happy, go with it.”
There is nothing better than being happy and if celebrating Valentine’s day with your romantic partner means that, you have to do it. The excitement, the joy, the love, you live for the moment.

When you celebrate your love, make it count
In other words, if you are one of those people who make Valentine’s day a big of a deal, make sure you enjoy it. Express your love to your partner and show how much you care about him/her. Just make it count.

Preparation, Tension, Stress
As much some people enjoy the Valentine’s day, it gives them a huge dose of tension and stress. Add the hours of preparation and the costs and you can figure out why you have that headache. Sometimes when people make it big of a deal, they get stressed, overwhelmed and freak out.

Don’t worry if you or your partner doesn’t care about this day so much

It’s a day like any other for many people. If you have been together for a long time, you both know how you feel about this day. But if you are about to celebrate it together for a first time, one of you may not be so enthusiastic. Don’t make it big of a deal. Some people really don’t care about this day (men particularly).

You show your true love once a year?
Here is why Valentine’s day is a commercial event. You don’t need a special day of the year to show your partner how much you love him/her. February 14 is just once a year, what do you do during the other days? This day should be like many others. In a good way.

Valentine’s Day Causes Depression In Some People
The really sad side of this day are the people who get depressed. Usually these are women who happen to be single and because the day is a big deal for them, they get depressed. It happens with men too, but no on that scale. If you are one of those single depressed people, don’t worry, it won’t last that much. You will feel bad for about 16-18 hours. Find some interesting thing to do, work on something you always say you don’t have time for, or find a one-night stand.

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