The Elites: the West vs Russia

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lavrov and kerryThe confrontation between the West and Russia is a popular issue and we often hear people trying to analyze the situation that fail due to understanding two very important points:

  • There are no national elites on the West – they are a transnational.

  • The importance of conceptual power.

The West – the corporate world

From the management point of view, transnational corporations, ran by several hundred families |(some estimate that they are 358) control up to 45-50% of the world resources. These families often have different economic and political interests so that they are not homogeneous. The common thing between them is that they use Washington as a coordination center and US army as a global gendarme that creates a controlled chaos for them in order to rob other countries resources.

Russia – a mega-corporation

In Russia, the control over 20% of the worlds resources is in the hands of a narrow circle of people, which means that from the management point of view, the power is much more consolidated that in Western transnational corporations. What is more, the fact that Russia owes a powerful arsenal of mass destruction weapons and is growing the number of up-to-date conventional weapons in its army shows that the role of this country would hardly ever be neglected. This means that Russia is the most powerful single mega-corporation and it is a threat to the Western transnational mafia. That is why the Western media is trying to demonize Russia.

The importance of conceptual power – where the problem is

It is hard to define exactly what conceptual power is (see The Phenomenon of Conceptual Power). Nevertheless, it is clear that the elite clique that has a better concept of the event horizon is the one that takes advantage of the situation. For example, USSR was well-armed as never before when it collapsed because its elite made a conceptual mistake – war was not lead only through weapons, but also through economy, finance and ideology. That is why the Soviet Union was defeated. Now, the Russian President Putin is having a hard time creating a concept that is an alternative to the Western corporate world – the biggest problem is that Russia was a part of the Western financial and economic system for almost 20 years and now the robbed Russian industry should be restored.

So, when you think about politics, think of the transnational elites whose interested are not the ones that are alleged in the media and think of the possible concepts of a new world.

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