The DPRK Threat – A Scarecrow for the Mentally Defective

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kimNorth Korea is one of the countries that are demonized in order to whitewash the role of the USA of the world’s gendarme. Far from the idea that DPRK is a perfect country to live in, we should draw our attention to some important facts from the present and from history in order to get a clear picture of the situation. As usually, things are different from the picture presented by the mass disinformation agencies.

DPRK – really communist?

The social order in North Korea has many communist features. Nevertheless, its ideology is much different from communism – it is based on the Juche idea that is a specific nationalist idea based on the suggestion that the country must produce everything it needs by itself. Juche was developed between the 1950s and 1970s.

North Korea vs. South Korea

Until 1943, the whole Korean peninsula was occupied by Japan. After the liberation it was divided into two parts – USSR’s army was on the North, while the US army was on the South. Koreans that formerly worked for the Japanese administration gathered in the Southern part which was governed by Syngman Rhee – a dictator appointed by USA that later started the Korean war. The people that formerly opposed the Japanese yoke gathered to the North. A system similar to the Soviet was built there.

Until the mid 1970’s, PDRK’s economy was doing better than South Korea. At that time, the decay of the USSR, actually its main ally, was already beginning.

In the same time, Japanese companies began outsourcing hardware from South Korea because of the cheap labor, thus boosting the economy of South Korea and making it a country of modern technologies.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, PDRK was put on the edge of starvation. The only decent industries of North Korea remained mining and metal processing.

Is DPRK dangerous?

North Korea’s military budget is about $1.9 Billion which is about 15 times less that the military budget of South Korea. What is more, it does not have such a powerful ally as USA while South Korea itself is a US ally. The fact that DPRK does not send its troops all around and pay them fortunes, it is capable of maintaining quite serious armaments.

It is good to know that Japan and South Korea – the ones that are dedicated to demonizing PDRK, often confiscate goods from ships that travel to North Korea under the pretext that the goods can be used for producing weapons. It is really hypocritical to impede an economy, turn it into misery and then speak about its inefficiency.

The obtaining of nuclear missiles is a defensive step against an invasion as long as DPRK does not have a potential to invade other countries for a long time. What is more, the nuclear warheads help DPRK reduce defensive expenditure.

Instead of a conclusion

Instead of a conclusion, here is something to contemplate on. If we claim that the citizens of North Korea are brainwashed with their Juche ideology, is it better to be an average consumer zombie that is happy to eat GMO rubbish and strives to by the latest smart phone? Unlike the Anglo-Saxon nations that plundered the world for several centuries to ensure their prosperity, North Koreans at least have something to be proud of – an economy built with their own hands…

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