The Biggest Political Losers Of 2016

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Another year is about to end, and we should make a brief recap of it. Instead of pointing all key events (and they were a lot) we are going to make a list of the biggest political losers of 2016 worldwide.

This is more than enough to make a short but clear picture of what happened in the year. And it is one of the last opportunities for “the losers” to be mentioned somewhere because a lot of them will be forgotten soon.

They’ve all had a “remarkable” year and they practically crashed and burned in front of the whole planet. They have to be mentioned and remembered as the losers they are. This way you will remember 2016 in a positive way.

And, there is no point to write about the winners of 2016, since we have enough posts about Vladimir Putin.

So… Who are the biggest political losers of 2016?

1. Hillary Clinton
No one can top Hillary. She is the biggest political loser of the year. She ran for US president being the “top candidate”, the “absolute favorite”, and she lost to the “unelectable” Trump with a big margin.
That was such a big hit for her that she couldn’t even appear on election night in front of her crowd. She was hiding and trying anything to save her ass. Well, maybe she saved herself from future prosecution, but nevertheless she was humiliated big time.
Since the US presidential elections were the biggest political reality drama show of the year, Hillary Clinton is the biggest loser of the year.

2. Francois Hollande
This “man” is still the president of France but even he understands that his ratings are so low that there is no point for him to participate in the coming elections. He has done so much damage that the French won’t be able to forget him soon. Heavy refugee crisis, major terror attacks and complete political impotence on a local and on international level – that’s Hollande’s France.
Well, at least he is out next year.

3. The Mainstream Media Morons
The morons from the MSM deserve a special reward. They’ve been so pathetic all year (as always, but this time they failed miserably and the public realized it). Almost all of the mainstream media embarrassed themselves by directly lying to their viewers/readers/listeners and getting caught. They can’t even spread their bullshit anymore without hurting themselves. There were so many crappy stories in 2016.
It’s enough to point out how they covered the US elections. According to them, Hillary had to win decisively. They supported her all way to the failure.
Then they blamed Hillary’s loss to “the Russian hackers”. They blamed Russia and Putin for everything, not knowing that this way they are portraying him as capable while they and their political class look completely helpless.
Then there was the “the fake news” bullshit drama where they tried to label every media outlet that is not lying as much as them “fake”, or even worse – “a Russian propaganda”.
And let’s not forget that the mainstream media openly supports terrorism by defending the so called “moderate terrorists” in Syria.
The funny things is that these morons did not succeed with their cheap propaganda this time.
It’s impossible to point out just one media organization that stands out. CNN, MSNBC, BBC, The Washington Post, The Economist and many many others are among the top propaganda whores on the planet. And they are all losers.

4. The libtards with the psycho neo-liberal values
You all remember the stupid liberals and progressives who were crying like babies when Trump won the elections in the US. Or the liberals who cried about the Brexit. They thought that their “values” are the norm, but they are not anymore. The liberal values have been crushed this year, with Trump, with the rise of the opposition powers in Europe and with that the realization among many ordinary people that modern liberalism is just weak. Long-term, liberalism means death.

5. The illusion of the strong European unity
When things go well (or at least it looks so) the beautiful fairy-tales about European unity, shared principles, common values and all the other crap look valid. But when things go bad, get ready for a drama. The European Union is anything but united.
The problems are just growing. Refugees, terrorism, economic crisis, Ukraine, the relations with Russia, etc.
For the first time in years Europeans talk more about politics than they talk about football. That means there are big inner conflicts.
The Brexit vote was just one significant moment of all what happened. We see what also happens in France, Austria, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Hungary. People and some of the elites are not happy about the situation.
We can definitely say that the illusion of the strong European unity is gone.

If you think there should have been more political losers in the list, give us suggestions.

Yes, we know.
Obama and Merkel could have been in the list of the biggest political losers too. But who cares about the lame duck Obama? He’s been humiliated enough.
While Frau Merkel can lose even more in 2017, so let’s give her a chance.

Have a great 2017!

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