Stalin Revived – part 3

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Stalin revivedStalin’s name is mentioned pretty often on this site. In our consecutive article about Stalin, we will try to emphasize on the reason why he is respected by so many Russians and Marxists around the world and in the same time hated by the liberal oligarchy and its circus puppets (liberal historians, corrupt journalists and deluded intellectuals).

Who and why hates Stalin?

Let’s begin our explanation with a statement by the Russian historian and sociologist Andrey Fursov: “Not by chance, all campaigns for destalinization are counter-productive. It is not only because the people that organize them are mediocre and dumb, scarcely know history, they are incompetent to debate and behave themselves like imprudent tradeswomen on a marketplace… Stalin is hated mainly by the nomenklatura and the thieves around the nomenklatura…

The nomenklatura is the Soviet oligarchy that was seriously punished for any abuse of power during Stalin’s government. As we have already stated, the nomenklatura destroyed USSR and lead to the biggest geopolitical catastrophe of our time. Outside Russia, Stalin is hated by the world’s financial elite as long as he began creating an independent economic and financial system that achieved tremendous economic growth (see Stalin Revived – part 2). What is more, his system was far more favorable for the people of USSR. But the Soviet oligarchy preferred being a part of the world oligarchy, abandoned his principles and began a defamation campaign against Stalin (of course, after his death).

Who liked and likes Stalin?

Just an example – during the Second World War, in the occupied by the Nazis Soviet territories, the partisans that fought against the German occupants were ten times more that the ones who began fighting on the Nazis’ side. These partisans were not forced to fight by the NKVD (USSR’s law enforcement agency). The explanation is simple. Before the war, Stalin’s government gave Soviet people education and work. Having in mind that the majority of people in Tsarist Russia belonged to the lowest social strata, Stalin gave the population not only education, but a will to fight for their freedom. This is why so many people did not want to become slave workers of Nazi Germany. The economic and social progress before and after World War 2 made people respect him decades after his death. That is why it is possible to find Stalin’s portrait in the Bible of a poor Russian woman from a remote area even today.

Instead of a conclusion, lets turn our attention to the modern-day lefts’ attitude to Stalin. You can hear socialists repeating the liberal myths about him instead of emphasizing on his policies that restored his country after World War 2 so quickly. Stalin’s policies worked far better than the hypocritical “Aid to the poor” programs. But the impotent socialists are a separate issue. We, Bitter Bananas, will continue to bust liberal myths for you. As you see, after years of defamation, Joseph Stalin’s significance has now a new meaning. 

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