Some Desperate Ways To Make A Few Bucks When You Are Broke

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desperate ways to make a few bucksI’m really confident about the success of this article because watching how the global economy is doing, combined with the escalating human stupidity worldwide, I’m pretty sure more and more people will have to read this and appreciate it.

In desperate times, desperate people do desperate things. When you are desperate about money, you will do desperate things to make them. Some people turn criminals (sell drugs, rob banks, run scams, etc), other become prostitutes (yeah men too) and those with a little more brains can try to join the banking industry. But the problem with all these activities is that they are illegal and/or immoral, risky, or at least unpleasant for many people (you know, conflicting with the personality and the beliefs of the individual).

So when it comes to finding some desperate ways to make a few bucks when you are broke you don’t have many great options but there are plenty of good ones and even more that aren’t that bad. So here are some examples:

Selling your jewelry is a really desperate way to make money when you don’t have any. Especially when it’s gold or silver, because they are good to have things, but when you have nothing to eat, you may consider this option. I know for many of you your jewelries have sentimental value so consider the other options first.

Sell loans and insurances. Actually you can try to sell anything that pays commission, loans and insurances are just the mot popular options. The problem is that you have to be good at selling stuff and many people are not.

Work at half rates. Finding a job is not easy but when you desperately need to make a few bucks it’s not a bad idea for you to be willing to work for less money. This way your chances of getting some job will increase.

Work as freelancer. You need to have a skill that someone will pay for. If you don’t have any skills, try something else.

Put on a costume and entertain people. You can be Santa Claus, the Easter Rabbit, Sponge Bob or any other character that kids like. You can also wear the mascot costume for a sports team or a restaurant chain. In the worst case you can be a street performer. Nobody will know who you are.

Become a webcam model. To make good buck you need to have decent looks and if you are a woman, it helps. You also have to be willing to do some nasty things in front of the camera. Sure it’s a virtual prostitution, but it’s way better than being actual prostitute. The risks are less and the money can be really good.

Become a lab rat. In other words you can become a person who tests new medicines. I know the lab rats comparison doesn’t sound good, but that’s what you do. Don’t worry, the medicines you will be given had already been tested with rats (I guess) and most likely you won’t die. Generally the money in this is good.

Donate blood, sperm, ovum. Sounds really desperate but you can get paid for those. Blood donations are the most popular. And the most publicly accepted.

…and before I forget:
Keep your kidney for yourself, unless you really have to help someone.

Dear creative and intelligent readers, if you can suggest more desperate ways to make some money feel free to post them as a comment.
You can help people that way.

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