Socialists Against Socialism

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president hollandeSocialism is a political movement that aims at establishing a system of public ownership of the means of production. The idea is to organize industry and services that directly satisfy social and economic needs instead of serving for accumulation of capital for its own sake. Nowadays socialists have little to do with these initial concepts.

In fact, they hypocritically keep repeating pleasant-sounding words about redistribution of wealth without having an idea how to build an economic model that will ensure both social stability and high productivity. Although modern technology is making this possible, socialists’ behavior shows that they are merely liberals dressed in red.

Centrally planned economy – possible in the near future

Centrally planned economy is a distinctive feature of socialism that used to be technically impossible for the whole economy of a country. The fact that the Soviet Union lost the Cold War is a proof of that. After Stalin’s death, USSR’s authorities improvidently neglected market mechanisms (see Stalin Revived Part 2) which made Soviet economy pretty inefficient.

The Russian journalist Anatoly Wasserman, who worked as a programmer in the past, explains the problem: “For example, in order to balance the production plan for 1976, you would have had to use all computers of the world that were available in 1996 for ten years. To choose the optimal plan, you would have had to work 1 billion years.” Taking into account the exponential growth of computing power, Wasserman explains the opportunity of central planning: “Sooner or later, the available computing power will be enough to make an accurate production plan within a reasonable time.” (Watch whole video in Russian here

Inadequate socialists

stanishev schulz

Socialists feel comfortably in the present political world. You can’t hear them speak of such things as economy planning. For example, the German socialist Martin Schulz, now President of the European Parliament, is devoted to criticizing austerity and praising democracy without offering a new alternative that will change the present political status quo.

The PES President Sergei Stanishev belongs to a family that was a part of the nomenklatura (the caste of irreplaceable administrative authorities) in socialist Bulgaria. Now, his position in the European Parliament is perfect for a hereditary bureaucrat – presiding a powerful party that is not governing at the moment allows him to criticize without having serious responsibilities for wrong political decisions.

Francois HollandeThe French President Holland is a perfect populist – his eccentric idea about “millionaire taxes” is just an absurd brain wave – instead of making economy more productive, it will just make the rich immigrate to other countries like the actor Gerard Depardieu.

Holland is preoccupied with the problems of gay rights and forgets that many conservative French people hate him and his rating dropped.

It turned out that socialists are no alternative to other political movements. They do not offer new policies that will beat finance capitalism. In the present, there aren’t any significant parties that are not in favor of world’s financial elite. Socialists are just a part of the political theater that is meant to look as if people have political representatives.

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