Should Gay Propaganda Be Banned By Laws Or Not?

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ban gay parades

Should we be exposed to such activities? What have we done to them?

There is a widely spread controversy lately over the gay rights. The leading news come from Russia where the government decided to ban gay propaganda. The news triggered a lot of talks and criticism, especially from US and British medias. The gay rights and gay marriages were also a main topic in the president debates in the United States. People seem to carry a lot about this topic. And that’s where the big problem is.

You see, it is one of those issues that doesn’t really affect that much the majority of the population, but everybody talks about it and has opinion about it. It’s the political equivalent of the celebrity gossips. Your personal life most likely is not going to change one way or another. But people and politicians waste their time and energy debating on topics that won’t help their countries and their personal life.

Here is the thing. Gay people exist whether you like them or not. Banning their parades will not decrease their number because being gay is not exactly a personal choice. That’s who they are. And they are humans just like us who have all the human rights that the normal sexually oriented people have and they should not have more. (Yes I’m using the phrase “normal sexual orientation” for straight people because it’s true! By nature there is still a need of male and female to replicate.)

You can’t choose to be gay (ok homosexual). You are either attracted to the same sex or not. It is true that some people choose to present themselves as homosexuals to gain popularity and make a living but these people are not a lot and it’s up to them how they try to fool the public. There are many other ways as well.

I don’t like gay parades, I do not support them. I think parading your different sexuality is pointless and the other people should not be exposed to such sexual things if they don’t want to be. That doesn’t mean I’m against gay people. We are supposed to live in a civilised world where we should not hate and hurt people for being different (if they don’t hurt us). We should live a normal life with them and they should live a normal life too. And I don’t think it is normal to parade about being gay. There are no straight parades.

Should gay parades and other forms of mass propaganda be banned?
Maybe, because a I said they are not needed. An ordinary gay person doesn’t need a gay parade to be gay and live his life. It’s not about lack of democracy or too much discrimination. It’s just a normal society that lives in some norms. No one who is sane enough advocates putting in jail or beating people only because they are homosexual.
But when I see how people react and how much time is wasted on such topics like the “anti-gay” laws in Russia I’m really disappointed by the masses. You can’t give so much attention to that when there are million more issues to discuss and protest against that are way more important for you and your country.

Your education, your health, your finances and your country’s prosperity is not going to be affected whether gay people can celebrate their sexuality publicly or not. And the majority of the anti-gay people blame gays because they have to hate someone. And the pro-gay people are like “gay people have rights and it’s not democratic to allow them everything they want”. It’s all BS.

Some final words about the gay propaganda banned in Russia
Russia is a sovereign country. They have all the rights to do it. Most people in Russia support that law. Well most people aren’t gay. They haven’t done anything so bad for the gay people, at least in my eyes. But at the same time maybe they have done wrong by accepting the laws because of the mass reaction that was triggered. People are stupid, the mass population cares about things and causes that do not really matter. And such action brings massive idiotic reaction from both sides.

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