Self-help – You Are Doing It Wrong

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self-helpTrying hard to change yourself in a positive manner with no success? You are probably not the only one who has such a problem. To solve it, you should be a bit more insightful. Otherwise you will continue to remain with broken expectations, desperate and hoping to find the piece of advice that will help you remain successful and happy forever (sounds utopian and it not only sounds – it really is). But if you come to terms with some facts you really have the chance to succeed.


Self-help is a business

You are a potential client. A good businessman knows how to convince the potential to buy his product. This does not mean that there are no products worth buying. But have in mind the individual factor – if something is helpful for many people, it will not necessarily be helpful for you as long as every human being has a certain type of thinking. Your type may just be very different from the type of those happy people who got help.


It is very popular to talk about motivation. Many people feel that they lack motivation. But is it really lack of motivation or inability to enjoy your work? You definitely do not need to be additionally motivated to go to the toilet, for example.

What you probably really need is a change in your attitude to the process of work. When you start doing something you are already motivated. Your wishes drive you unconsciously – because you want to feel good, loved and appreciated. But not enjoying the process of work, you will soon get bored and stop doing the job.


Live at the moment, not in your dreams

Yes, try to notice what is happening right now, how the situation is changing. Many training courses advise you to dream of your success as if it has already happened. But do not do this while working because thus you are just somewhere in an illusionary moment in the future, unable to concentrate on what is going on at the moment. And this way comes the good news – you work and see that every minute the task is getting gradually completed. Sounds good.

Plans and schedules

It is good to have a plan. But you can plan things you have already done. And in order not to feel nervous, do not make strict schedules. Anything can go wrong and you do not need to feel unhappy because you have some minor difficulties that do not let you finish on time, such as a flat tire or a power cut.


You’re good

When you think of yourself, think of the things you are already able to do, no matter whether these things are ordinary or not. Remember a John W. Gardner’s great thought – “Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”

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