Qaddafi’s Death – Some Questions Still Worth Asking

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GaddafiFormer Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi was reported to have been killed in October 2011. Although his deeds have been discussed for a long time and apparently the situation in Libya will continue be in the news in the future, Qaddafi’s death left some questions worth asking.

Why Libya got attacked?

Definitely not because the West wants democracy in Libya. If you browse the net you will find out (surprisingly for many of you) that Qaddafi had good financial relationships with Western European countries, especially France and Italy. And many photos of ex-president of France Sarkozy friendly shaking hands with the former Libyan leader, just several years ago. What is more, some sources even report that Qaddafi supported Sarkozy’s campaign with €50 million. An interesting fact – Sarkozy later was among the hardest supporters of the attack on Libya. So if it was all about the values of Western democracy, Qaddafi should have been attacked much earlier.

Why Qaddafi’s captors shared his destiny?

Isn’t it somehow strange – the rebels who captured Muammar Qaddafi were sent on a diplomatic mission to Bani Walid, actually to the city inhabited by the tribe who are the hardest supporters of Qadaffi’s regime and resist more than a year after his death. Needless to say, the local people were not very glad to see them. You can find out full details in the media, but a disturbing fact is not outspoken – why did the number of witnesses of Qaddafi’s death  decrease so rapidly? Was it by accident?

Why US Ambassador Chris Stevens’ death was not prevented?

Details from Stevens’ personal diary showed  that he was aware that the situation was out of control and felt that he was in danger. What is more, the new Libyan authorities warned about the planned attack on US embassy. US authorities did nothing about Stevens’ security and were displeased at the published information from the diary.


Last but not least…

Strange coincidence – the capture occurred one day after Hillary Clinton’s visit to Tripoli where she met the new Libyan leaders. The capture itself is enough weird – the video record is of very poor quality, so it could be anyone dressed in a uniform similar to his one and with the proper make up. It will be interesting to know why the dictator’s body vanished. What is more, the former leader of the National Transitional Council of Libya Mahmoud Jibril accused international intelligence agency of Qaddafi’s murder.

And another coincidence – Qaddafi was said to have been killed not long before elections in France and USA and not long before the public attention was switched to Syria.

Although it is hard to find a reasonable answer to all these questions, statistics show that such a gathering of coincidences and questions can hardly be accidental.

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