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Vladimir Putin

Sergey Dorenko is a famous Russian TV and radio journalist. On the 4th April he published an interesting video monologue on his YouTube channel Rasstriga (literally “defrocking”), in which he criticizes the way the majority of people interpret Russian politics and explains Vladimir Putin’s role in the world’s political game.


Sergey Dorenko, photo: msk.ru

A translation of his monologue:
“In order to understand Putin’s actions and contemporaneity, try to read about the history of the Middle Ages and particularly the history of the Templar Order, the Hospitaller Order, the Teutonic order. Get to know, we live in the epoch of Neo-Feudalism. The Chivalric orders of our time are mega-corporations: the Volkswagen Order, the Coca-Cola Order, the Google Order and so on. They are venerated. The declining national governments all over the world try to negotiate with them, but as far as I know, there is no other so consolidated order in the world, ruling such an enormous country as Russia.

There isn’t such an order even in China because there isn’t such a fusion between political and economic power into a united alliance there, but in Russia, it does exist. The Order of Putin’s Team, if you wish, is one of the most powerful orders of modern world. Its aim is expansion, its aim is control. “For whose sake is this control?” you may ask. Control for its own sake because there is no actual ideology. And expansion, but not expansion in space – no territorial conquest, as you may think, for example Crimea. The aim of this order is a global steady attack on everyone for the conquest of time and expelling present America from time.

Putin is trying to beat America out of the American global future. Putin is creating a new future as a new event horizon. The conquest of the event horizon, believe me, is more important that the conquest of territories. During this attack, ostentatious conservatism will become a weapon of the Order. I don’t know to what extent this conservatism will be a candid conservatism of mentality. In this attack, the Global South and China will become allies of the Order. Temporary allies. America will become an enemy. The ideal configuration of the new world will be the German-Russian union that will dominate in Eurasia…”

The original video (it is in Russian):

Many readers may find Sergey Dorenko’s points of view extreme, we, Bitter Bananas, think that they offer us a very conceptual understanding of President Putin’s behavior and the structure of Russian authorities.

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