PROTESTS – The New Old Social Theme Worldwide

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mass protestsWhen more and more people are getting poor around the world it is absolutely normal that mass protests are escalating. It’s nothing new. Protest happen all the time at some place in some country.  People usually protest against governments or corporations, usually for some social reasons. A Protest can be very powerful weapon which is not always accurate but in the hands of someone can be lethal. Just like a bomb, if you place it at the right place, at the right time, with the right power, against the right target, it can do a great job and eliminate the problem, but when it’s in the hands of amateurs or people without good intentions, the things typically go worse.

What causes these protest is not usually why people go to protest. Most of the time the situation that has caused the protest is just the tip of the iceberg that releases the huge tension. People has suffered enough and when they get another hit from lets say their government they react for all the other hits as well. See what’s happening in Turkey, the crowd doesn’t protest only because of the construction of some mall.

The most common themes of today’s protest:
– Protests against austerities (tax increases, salaries and pensions cuts, etc)
– Protests against lack of freedom and democracy
– Protests against lack of privacy and transparency
– Protests against poverty

These are the types of protests that involve the masses, where thousands and in some cases millions of people are participating.
All those are related to economic reasons all the time. The democracy, freedom, privacy themes are really beautiful and noble but are complete BS.
It’s about standard of living and money then general anger combined with emotions of the moment and then the democracy stuff.

Powerful people and organizations use protestors’ anger for their own benefits. Too many protests happen because of very well timed provocations and the stupidity of the people who go to protest believing that they are doing it for good when in reality they have been used for the interest of someone else.

What is dangerous is the fact that many of these protest turn into fights. Fights between the people and the police and fights between people with different positions. Some people also use the situations to show what kind of vandals they are by destroying public and private properties. It is never good when there is blood.

There isn’t a better manipulation that a one that the person who is manipulated believes he initiated it and and also believes that does it for a better cause. That’s what happens with most protests.
I’m not saying that there are not genuine mass protests but when protestors don’t know what to ask for (which is almost always) they get something that is not going to work quite well for them.

We would like to see your point about the mas protests. We believe they are going to continue in a lot of countries. You can give examples. Tell us about the situation in your country.

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