Priorities Of Conceptual Power

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igor solonko

Igor Solonko – author of “Phenomenon of Conceptual Power”

People who like to talk about politics usually use clichés such as democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of choice. These hackneyed formulas for explaining the way how the world works are the main obstacles to understanding the political and economic processes both from the present and from the past.

In fact, we are witnessing a new type of a world war – some estimate that it is the third world war, other think that it is the fourth (meaning that the Cold war was the third). It much more than a traditional war with infantry, tanks, aircraft and battleships. It is a battle for your mind – a battle between neo-liberal bestiality and the search for new paradigms of human development. To help you understand what it is all about, we draw your attention to the priorities of conceptual power that are described in Igor Solonko’s monograph Phenomenon of Conceptual Power.

The basics: what is conceptual power?

The power of ideas and people that can change the processes in society for many generations is conceptual power. For example, the ideas of Christianity have played a major role in the historic development of a considerable part of the world for the last two millennia; the works of ancient Greek philosophy has had great impact on science and culture for several thousand years. Conceptual power is a strong weapon and the way it is used by the present world oligarchy is putting the survival of humanity under question.

Conceptual power and managing people

Here are the six major priorities according to Igor Solonko with our explanation:

  1. Worldview – the methodology for understanding how the world works. It is a management basis for centuries and has a strong correlation with traditions and religion as long as they determine ethics in society in the long term.

  2. Chronological priority – it is connected with the way history is interpreted. During major political changes, the assessment of historic events changes in order to become politically correct. Do not forget – history is written upon the order of the present oligarchy (or whatever you call the ruling class).

  3. Factology – the ideological priority. From the point of view of conceptual power, it is a way to form different groups of people that interpret facts accordance with their ideologies or religions. For example, we have left, right and center parties that are meant to be a part of a political vaudeville called Western democracy.

  4. Economic priority – it is about the Western monopoly over cheap credit and making money out of nowhere.

  5. Genetic priority – the promotion of alcohol, smoking and high-risk sexual behavior through popular culture, the availability of drugs and all this in combination with the cheap GMO food is affecting the ability of the human population to reproduce. Rulers do not need to build Auschwitz any more as long as they can make the part of the population that they consider unnecessary consumers gradually die out. A soft genocide, isn’t it?

  6. Military power – the rudest, but the least effective priority. Nowadays we have weapons of mass destruction that can kill the majority of the Earth’s population. In the same time, conventional weapons that are made to put a certain territory under control became too expensive. That is why this military power is inefficient.

Instead of a conclusion

We live in a globalized world, no matter whether you like it or not. We are all affected by conceptual power. The only way out is comprehending how it works in order to avoid getting manipulated and to be able to adequately create new historic paradigms.

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