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Andrey Fursov

We, humans, live a social way of life. So we are all affected by politics. Even though many people claim to be not interested in politics, we should know the old saying that not participating in politics would not prevent you from its consequences. In order to survive the modern world political and information jungle, you should be better informed. But be aware of the information wars. To help you comprehend, here are some quotations of the Russian historian and sociologist Andrey Fursov.


Information wars – they could happen anywhere. See the technology:

“Today, we are living in the epoch of abrupt changes in the weapon of information wars – it is actually not a change of the weapon itself but a transition of information wars in psychological war. In the last 30 years the West, trying to pursue its policies in the African-Asian world, had a very serious problem – it was impossible to make a breakthrough with its propaganda, values and Western culture in Islam, Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, namely when it comes to social psychology and socio-culture it had an obstruction… The so-called Arab spring, the last events show us that Western psychotechnologists found a way to solve this problem – instead of drilling into the obstruction they jump over it. They influence neither social psychology, nor socio-cultural archetypes. They influence the mentality of the crowd… It is a direct influence through flashmobs, psychic engineering – influencing such parts of mentality that not under control of the socio-cultural codes.“

Politics – what is happening? Here are some tendencies.

“There is a acute struggle for the future – which project will be realized. The project of the global post-industrial society or the anti-liberal course and new industrialization.”

“… The people that really drive the historic processes reckon that 90% of the people in the world are

unnecessary consumers. An almost official term – unnecessary consumers…”

“There are many countries, such as Iran and India, where it is almost impossible to count the population. I believe these demographers that state that the population of the Earth is about 9 billion people – 9 billion is such a number that it is impossible to control so many people. It is impossible to control them through chip implants. An effective control over such a population is impossible which means that it is a threat for every ruling class.”

“Politics is turning into a combination of show business and administration. Schwarzenegger as a Governor of California – it is not accidental…”

Be interested in the events around you – educate yourself! Nobody will do it for you!

“… We need new scientific disciplines to explain the world. A greater problem is the breaking the connection between science and education system. Science lags behind the development of modern world and education lags behind science. In other words we go into battle for our future without having adequate scientific disciplines. Once Bismarck said: In 1871 France was defeated not by the German soldier, but by the German teacher.”

These were some interested statements by Fursov. Even though you may find some of them exaggerated, they help us find out political tendencies we witness in our everyday life.

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