Personal Growth – a Reason for Depression

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Vasily Koltashov

Aren’t you fed up with all life coaches that try to teach people how to achieve personal growth? They are everywhere, tiresome with their pompous clichés. The economist Vasily Koltashov exposes the whole stupidity of modern personal growth in an interview for

Now the term “personal growth” is already taken in ironically, but not long ago much was spoken and written to describe personal growth as an important strategy for personnel development and such services were offered (and they are still offered) everywhere by commercial entities and private parties. What is personal growth in fact and what is its efficiency from the economic point of view and its influence on personality if we concern personality?

Personal growth first appeared in the 1960s and 1970s in the USA. Its theoretical background is humanistic philosophy – Maslow, Maslow’s pyramid, on the top of which stands personal satisfaction and the satisfaction of the different needs is distributed on the stairs. The practice of personal growth places personal satisfaction on the same footing with solving the financial problems of the person. In other words, it is not important how you feel, but what you possess and what you can buy, your property status and you should strive for that. But how to strive for that? Work hard and do not care much how you get paid in the current moment because the most important thing are big career aspirations, fast personal growth and big ambitions. These ambitions are inspired by coaches and, if we speak about efficiency, the result is that not very qualified employees start working more intensively, energetically, they start overworking and expecting to become big bosses very soon. What they actually get is depression.

More skeptical professionals may get depression sooner; they may get disappointed by the moral component of their job, especially if they work not only for money, but also love their job, find it interesting and see different perspectives of growth, most probably a horizontal growth, professional and creative growth, growth of personal relationship in the team. But all these points are cast aside. Why? You must be leaders, you must move ahead. And this leadership behavior is imposed on people with many unsolved emotional problems. As a result, these hyperactive leaders do not understand who needs leaders, how so many leaders could exist in one place and who on earth needs them. In other words, these things have a strange effect. That is why personal growth began causing a skeptical attitude that is truly justified. It is rather causing more problems than solving the problems with the motivation of the personnel. Personal growth demotivates qualified and earnest employees as long as it crushes their existing objective motives, not necessarily material motives.

The fundamental issue is that the so-called “personal growth” is meant to make people work more without financial motivation, i.e. if financial motivation is needed, it will be rejected and your non-existent personal success will be placed on the foreground. This is why personal growth causes problems – it causes personal problems and it is no more attractive… But somehow or other, many companies offer such services and the problems of personal growth remain. The best thing you can do about it is avoiding it.”

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