Occupied Germany?

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Is Germany occupied?

We tried hard to find a photo of Frau Merkel smiling

Germany won recognition as the most powerful economy in the European Union. Chancellor Merkel managed to turn the EU into a German project and managed to do what generations of German politicians did not – get Europe under control. What is more, all this happened without firing a single shot in Europe. Nevertheless, there is a risk for Germany to lose its political supremacy if the EU collapses and this makes the most powerful country in Europe a hostage of world banking elite.

How supremacy was achieved

Liberal economic policies lead to the destruction of industrial Europe. In the same time, Germany preserved its own industry, while other EU countries were living beyond their means and getting into debts. Germany actually bought Europe on credit and this credit was granted by the FRS (Federal Reserve System) of USA. To be more precise, Germany bought the debts of EU countries. This way the German public debt increased tremendously in the first decade of the 21st century – this had not happened before, even the reunification with GDR was not followed by such an increase. The possible disintegration of the EU may mean that all efforts of Germany are in vain. In fact, what Germans pay now is nothing compared to all the efforts made through the years which means that they will try hard to save the EU.

Gold back means sovereignty back

Germany wants its gold back. During the Cold War, the gold was driven away from the territory of Bundesrepublik Deutschland because of the possible conflict with USSR. But now Germany is not allowed to get it all back from London, Paris and Washington where it was kept. This means that Germany is not allowed to have a sovereign central bank and sovereign economic policy, free from the FRS. Up to now, Angela Merkel managed to get back a certain amount for audit, as it is officially stated. Germany is making these steps cautiously as long as there are US military bases on its territory. Evidently, American soldiers are defending Germany from nobody because it is surrounded by NATO members. It is somehow strange – the Russian troops left Germany in 1994, but US troops did not – just think of it. What is more, Germany is carefully dividing from US military policy as it was not prone to taking part in operations in Libya and Syria.

Despite the many obstacles, Germany’s successful financial and foreign policies made the country a leader of the European Union. In recent years, Germany has begun to struggle for its independence and is obviously doing well. The way the German political elite gained control over EU shows that achieving political predominance is something that requires rather will and perseverance than military interventions.

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