Not a bright future for the EU (part 1)

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merkel european unionThe crisis of the European Union is getting out of control. We often hear proclamations for the destruction of the Union, most of them quite well-grounded. It is clear that EU countries are at a historic crossroads and if they do not choose the right direction, the EU will collapse because of its internal conflicts.

The creation myth

We have all heard that the EU was created to prevent a war such as the Second World War. But there is something seldom outspoken – that after the Suez Crisis of the 1950’s, the big countries of Western Europe realised that they were no more a political factor that could compare to USA and USSR. The creation of the European Community was an attempt to give birth to a new world power, but evidently it turned out not very successful.

Unjustly integration

Some years ago saying how good the enlargement of the European Union had become almost a modern-day liberal mantra. Theoretically it meant new markets for Eastern European countries, but what happened? The integration was merely discrimination. In some countries, the  imposed restrictions of nuclear energy lead to the high prices of electricity that killed other branches of economy. In the same time, France has 58 nuclear reactors. It is only one example of the segregation against the new members – the membership did not lead to economic development.

Germany – leader or hound of hell?

Germans feel that they are the leader of the EU, while in Southern European countries Angela Merkel is burlesqued with swastikas. Why? Because the economic engine of Southern and Eastern EU members is drained  by the loans they pay to Germany. This is accomplished by the pro-EU governments of these countries. So the bad situation of these economies is in favor of Germany. And if we research the history of the EU, we will inevitably see that the demise of the industry in Eastern and Southern Europe lead to preservation of German industry.

Any good perspective?

Actually, there is something that can be done to save the EU – the reindustrialization of the countries that were deindustrialized and the introduction of a new labor division system in the Union. But having in mind that politicians of all member-countries are supporting the present status quo, this will hardly ever happen.

——— For part 2, click here.

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