More On The Ukrainian Riots – Possibly Leading Russia to Another Geopolitical Triumph?

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ukraine russia crimea usaKiev is under control of the criminal parliament minority supported by neo-nazis and extreme nationalists. The Crimea region separated from Ukraine. The other regions inhabited by Russian speakers (the actual majority of Ukraine’s population) are ready to do the same as long as the nazi junta is posing a threat to them. Russian public figures and politicians are openly insisting on starting an intervention in Ukraine. The presence of Russian troops in Crimea and the massive military drills are a demonstration of Putin’s decisiveness to defend Russian geopolitical positions and economic interests. Western liberal propaganda is trying to demonize Russia but it is all bluff media puffery. Here is an explanation why.

Ukraine’s theater of absurdity

We are fed up with stupid propaganda. We, Bitter Bananas, do not believe that the Ukrainian people rebelled because they wanted EU-association. (Ed.: At least not the extremists who took over; there are many fools in West Ukraine who believe in the EU dreams)
The truth: Ukrainian neo-nazi bandits took over the power in Kiev and thus brought Pro-Western oligarchs to power.
An example: the newly-fledged ruler of Donetsk Ihor Kolomoyskyi is a business oligarch of Jewish descent who officially thanked the activists of the Maidan. A Jew is thankful to nazis – we cannot find any better examples of absurdity.
According to some sources mercenary troops from the private US company Blackwater (aka Academi) appeareded in Donetsk to escort Kolomoyskyi. Why would an oligarch hire a foreign private army to guard him? He definitely does not trust his own people.

The Western game – never be the same again
According to the intercepted telephone conversation between the EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and the Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet, the snipers that killed protesters and policemen in Kiev were hired by Maidan leaders. What is more, the Estonian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the authenticity of the record. After this information the so called revolution will lose many of its Western supporters. More and more people get to know that the organizers of the Ukrainian coup d’etat have nothing to do with democracy. Undoubtedly, Russia is winning the information war with the West, based on the arguments.

— hose.arkadio

Financial operation instead of a military one
As you probably know during the political tension the Russian Ruble (the national currency) lost value compared to the dollar or the euro. The Russian financial market dropped and the value of the shares of many Russian companies decreased. While this was portrayed as a total Russian failure in most major medias the fact is that this was also a good opportunity for Russia. The negative effects of such moves are unquestionable but they also offer quite unique investing opportunities. Putting it simple Russia has a lot of dollars that just got a lot more expensive compared to the ruble than before while some big Russian assets (mostly shares of local companies partly owned by foreign investors) got cheaper in rubles and even cheaper in dollars. Considering the panic among the foreign investors this is a great buying opportunity (using dollars) for Russia, taking back the control and the profits of real assets. And don’t forget Russia is still selling oil and gas in dollars.

The so called “Russian Occupation” in Crimea
Before you believe all you see and hear on the Western mainstream media check a few facts:

  • Crimea is a autonomous republic within the country of Ukraine with it’s own government.
  • The entire population there speaks Russian and about 70% of the population there are ethnic Russians.
  • Russia is allowed to have up to 25000 troops in Crimea and their biggest naval base The Black Sea Fleet.
  • Before the Ukrainian crisis there were already about 15000 Russian troops there.
  • Most people in Crimea are pro-Russia and self-identify themselves as Russians, not Ukrainians.
  • The ex-Berkut officers were invited to Crimea after the new regime in Kiev disbanded the special forces.
  • The parliament in Crimea officially called for independence of Ukraine in December 2013, almost 3 months prior to the forced take over.
  • Up until now not a single citizen in Crimea has been shot or majorly hurt.
  • Russia has an official request from the Ukrainian president Yanukovych for military help, who by the way is still their president by their own constitution.

For some reason law means nothing to the new regime in Kiev. It means nothing to the United States government that was arrogant enough to teach “peaceful solutions” considering their own track record, and lets not forget the EU leaders who prove to be if not completely impotent at least to be puppet dolls highly influenced by the US.

There is not a normal country in the world that would not defend it’s military base and it’s biggest geopolitical and economic interests, so don’t expect Russia to back off. They are not invading a country in another continent, they are protecting their interest and the interests of the majority of the people in Ukraine.

So far the place where there is not peace and people die in Ukraine is Kiev where the extremist government rules. We don’t know what is going to happen in the future but Ukraine as we knew it for the last 20 years will probably not exist and the high tension will remain there for years. Russia has geopolitical advantage and strong leadership that cannot afford to lose that battle.

— Mighty_Boss

This article was co-written by hose.arkadio (the first parts) and Mighty_Boss (the rest). We will continue to cover the situation there since there is a lot more to happen and it is very important.
Make sure to read the article about the nasty media war – In an ideal world without media manipulation and stupid people where the whole propaganda idiocy is addressed.

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    They are not nazis, they want independent Ukraine, and Russia is occupating Crimea.

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