Mideast On Fire (As Usually)

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mideast on fire

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Syria having hard time

Syria is taking hits from everywhere.

USA refused to initiate a military intervention because Syria has much more military equipment than Libya and will be expensive to beat. The decision seems to be good as long as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are becoming a new Vietnam War for the States.

Turkey became an enemy of Syria with the introduction of its imperialist political doctrine and the years of cooperation between the two countries were forgotten.

In the same time, Israel wants to eliminate president Asad because Hamas and Hezbollah are very popular among Palestinians who live in Syria. Although Western media are still trying to hide it, during the Israeli intervention in Lebanon in 2006, Hezbollah made a stand against Israel’s army by destroying Israeli tanks Merkava with modern anti-tank missiles. Records of this appeared on the net. This would definitely not have happened without the help of Syria.

A common misconception

Many people on the West think that all Muslims are extremists, united by their religion. This is nonsense. Syria and Iran are countries of the Shia Islam. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey – actually who are enemies of Syria, are countries of the Sunni Islam. Sunnis and Shias evidently do not love each other. So, apart from economy, there is cultural hostility among some Islamic countries.

 syria on fire

A new Caliphate

The unification of the Sunni countries in the region looks like an attempt to recreate an Islamic Caliphate. Saudi Arabia and Qatar enjoy good relationships with USA and with Turkey (have in minds the well-developing Turkish economy). The $60 billion weapon deal between US and Saudi Arabia in 2012 is suggestive of something logical – a new Caliphate whose army contractor are  US is a perfect way out of the crisis for the States.

So if Tel Aviv is supporting Sunnis against Asad in Syria, this is likely to become a political suicide for Israel.

 middle east map

Double standards

When the problem of human rights gets discussed, it is strange that the West is supporting extremists against Syria. For example, the human rights of women that get oppressed stoned to death in such societies are not mentioned in the discussion.


The facts that are mentioned above suggest that you do not need to think about conspiracy but see through the already published information to have an idea what is happening.


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