MH17 – Unveiling USA’s Propaganda

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mh17 crash

Something is rotten in the state of Ukraine. There are a lot of questions about the Malaysian jet that are pretty inconvenient both for the Kiev junta and for USA that support it. Despite the whole propaganda confusion, it is not hard to understand the discrepancy between USA’s accusations against Russia and the facts that were alleged.

In favor of whom?
Kiev, London and Washington… Excuse me, Washington, London and Kiev accuse Russia of shooting down the plane. Liberal pseudo-intellectuals and other boneless puppets start repeating Reagan’s piece of idiocy about the „Evil empire”. But neither Russia, nor the people’s republics in Donetsk and Lugansk need this. Russian high level authorities perfectly know how the Western media owned by the liberal oligarchy will react, so they do not need to turn public opinion against themselves, especially in the countries that are economic partners of Russia. The republics of Novorossiya definitely would not commit such a political suicide as long as a newborn country will strive for international recognition.

Déjà vu
There is a similarity between the MH17 tragedy and the chemical attack in Syria in 2013. Syria did not need such an attack because the Syrian Army was clearing terrorists successfully. The chemical weapons provocation was an attempt of the US invade Syria. In the same way the armed forces of Novorossiya were defeating the Ukrainian army and the nazis from the Right Sector. So a civil plane shot down is most probably the same kind of evil provocation that costs the lives of many people.

Why we don’t believe USA and Ukraine

There are several important points:
It took ridiculously little time for US and Ukrainian authorities to blame the so called “Russian-backed separatists” for shooting down the plane. We’ve seen such accusations made by USA in the past, for example in Iraq and Syria. The common thing between them is that they all turned out to be wrong.
The data released by the Russian military show that MH17 was tracked by military jets. Ukraine can hardly explain why the Malaysian Boeing was redirected to fly over a conflict zone. What is more, the presence of Ukrainian surface-to-air missile systems in the region is ridiculous as long as Novorossiya has no air force.
It’s a fact – Ukraine impeded the access of experts to the crush site.
USA’s “evidence” was initially based on a YouTube video. Later, unclear satellite photos were published. The objects on them rather resemble harvesters than military vehicles.

Instead of a conclusion

Instead of a conclusion, we would like to draw your attention to Western racism, that seems to have become pretty fundamental. For the Western media, it is not a problem when thousands of civilians, including women and children, get killed by the nazi junta in Ukraine. It becomes a problem only after the death of citizens of Western countries (who they don’t care about either but pretend to). This is a pity.

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