Making A Profit And Spoiling Economy

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making a profit by stealing from the economyNowadays economy is turning into a theater of the absurd. The number of possibilities to make money out of nothing is astonishing, but it leads to a real economic disaster. We cannot predict when this madness will stop, but we can easily see through why it is spoiling world economy. There are two types of players in this game.

The fair players

If you are a producer of commodities, you are producing real value. For example, you own a factory which means that you need to produce goods of decent value in order to find someone to buy them. What is more, you need a good economic environment for your business to work, so you need to work in a stable country. By running a good business, you provide employment in the country where your business is and you take part in driving the economy of this country.

The spoil-sports

These are the ones who make money out of nothing by means of trading securities and derivative securities because securities are something different from what they used to be. The way they are traded suggests that they are rather commodities than investment instruments as long as they are changing their owners very fast. These are not real commodities, but it is possible benefit from them. This is why the nominal price of all securities in the world is estimated to be thousands of times higher than the face value of all goods and services in the world. If you are a player of this type, you do not need to care about the economic environment in your country – because you can change the country very easily and continue selling and buying services.


This game has been around for several generations, but the players are the same. So it is clear why in many countries changing the governing party does not always lead to significant changes in the policy of the country – just because it is hard to make out which group of players in the economy is represented by the party that wins the elections.

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