Macedonia: Fight for European values or maybe something else?

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macedonian protests

In the past few weeks we are witnessing the largest protests in the history of the relatively new country Macedonia. What for the Western media seemed to be sudden protests for democracy, European values and against the corruption in the government, is definitely far from it.

First, we cannot talk about sudden organization and rise up of the people when in the town Kumanovo we saw how members of the National Liberation Army, which is an Albanian armed organization operating in Macedonia, were firing against policemen. In just days, more than 25 people were killed from which at least 8 were policemen.

So, if it wasn’t sudden, is it about the corruption schemes in the government?

The answer is both yes and no.

I say both yes and no because most of the people protesting really believe that it’s about the corruption, and just like a year ago in Ukraine, they are misled.

The real deal is that NATO, in particular the US State Department, is creating the tensions. The US has no interests in having stability on the Balkans. Stability means that “Turkish Stream” which has to go through Macedonia is going to be turned into reality. The US has no interest in having another pipeline from which Russia and the EU are going to benefit.

Just a fact check, a year ago when there progress was made to finalize the deal on the “South Stream” project which had to run through Bulgaria, suddenly thousands of Bulgarians started to protest against the government. After a new pro-US government came into power the project was canceled. You can make your own conclusions.

What is going to happen?

Who knows, after a series of anti-government protests, the last few days more than 50 000 Macedonians marched in support of the current government. One thing we can be sure of, the US is not going back off and we can expect only more tensions not only in Macedonia but on the whole Balkan peninsula.

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