ISIS – The New Old Terrorist Threat

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obamaThe world leaders are debating these days about whether they have to join forces against this “new” enormous terrorist threat called ISIS that apparently “has appeared from nowhere”. The United States have already started to bomb some ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria but now the conversations are about bigger coalition against this new big enemy.

The uninformed public is watching the news, sees how radical islamists execute people and the officials, well, they take advantage of all this.

It’s a big deal. It’s not that difficult to understand when you connect the dots.

First of all. ISIS is a real threat. The executions that you see on TV and in the internet are not some Hollywood production. These people are real, they are fanatics, they want to kill and they will continue to kill.

And yes, everyone who has a little brain will agree that this terrorist organization has to be stopped somehow.

But there are a few questions that have to be answered before that:

What is exactly ISIS?
Who created it?
Who benefits from the whole situation?
What’s the best way to operate against ISIS?

So, what is ISIS?
In short, it’s Al Qaeda with a new name.

Who created it?
Well, if you count to 5 and you’ve followed the world events in the last 15 years, you know something about it. Just mentioning Saudi Arabia and some circles in the US government. There were some Libyan rebels who “fought for democracy” and needed weapons, there were also Syrian rebels who also “fought for democracy” and also needed weapons.

Who benefits from the whole thing?
Well, to answer that, look above. Who wants chaos? Who is going to make money? Who needs a constant threat to justify trillions of dollars of military spending? Who needs to appear as the world’s savior? Who needs to control you with fear?
Too many questions.

What’s the best way to fight against ISIS?
I don’t know. But the people who created it will not fully destroy it. It’s not in their interest. They want to manage it. They want it to exist, but they will not let it spread a lot. Or who knows.


Fear rules everything. Fear is bigger motivator than anything else.

When you create fear, it’s easier to sell. It’s easier for people to recognize you as a savior, therefor they will trust you or just follow you thus it’s easier to control the public and impose your will on it.

It seems to be a checkmate situation where it’s bad if they do something about it and it’s bad if they don’t do anything about it militarily.

These terrorists don’t understand negotiations and dialog. Even if they stop their funds. They already have weapons. Modern weapons btw. They are not going away.

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