How To Prepare For Extreme Situations Like Natural Disasters Or War

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earthquakeNatural disasters and war situations do not exist only in the movies. We see such crisis happening all the time somewhere in the world and no one is immune. Unfortunately war becomes more and more expected in some countries and if we add the escalating riots in many other places along with the civil war possibilities you should realize that you have to be ready for such events. Not to mention the natural disasters that happen all around the globe – hurricanes, extreme colds, floods, earthquakes, etc. These are all extreme situations and most people don’t have a basic preparation and survival skills.

Here you’ll read some basic tips on how to prepare for such extreme situations like big natural disasters or war zone survival. Again these are just basic things you better have that will increase your chances of survival. Obviously there is no guarantee and some of the things you may or may not need in a particular situation. The better you prepare the more chances you have to survive. By survive I don’t just mean stay alive, but also stay healthy, keep certain living conditions and property if possible.

In order to be prepared for situations like war, huge civil riot, pandemic or natural disaster you have know what to expect when they happen. Typical significant problems can be:

– Social anarchy, panic and much higher crime rate. Mostly from opportunity seeking thugs, people who want to use the opportunity to gain power or steal. Also there are going to be many people who will rely on survival instincts which are not always correct but are always selfish.
– Financial and economic collapse – you local currency may lose a lot of value, or banks may close or limit withdraws, block accounts, ATMs may not work and more
– Cuts in the supply chain – local stores don’t have enough food and some other essential goods for more than a few days so any major interruption in their supply chain can leave them empty
– Full hospitals – many people will be seeking for help, not enough doctors and space to receive the medical help
– Blocked roads – many people will try to escape which will probably lead to blocked roads, massive migration and other problems
– Home loss – you may need to find another place to live
– Energy and communication cuts – it can be cut of electricity, fresh water, mobile and internet connection

As you see these are all major problems that you might face during an extreme situations. A few things to have in mind before you prepare:
1. You should assume that most people are not prepared
2. You should prepare for the survival of your whole family at least, not just yourself
3. It’s always better to prepare collectively with the help of more people. Together you will be stronger and more effective (only if everyone contributes)

There are 6 things that can kill you:
1. Hunger
2. Thirst
3. Cold
4. Hot
5. Illness
6. Injury

With all that in mind, here is list of the basic things you need to prepare:

Food and drinking water for at least a week. It won’t cost you a lot and you will eat it anyway at some point. In critical situations the last thing you want is to worry about food and water.

First aid kit. Again it doesn’t cost a lot and you are most likely to need it.

Basic skills of giving first aid. This requires some training but it’s good to be able to handle basic injuries and illnesses yourself. If doctors are busy and medical centers full you won’t have other choice anyway.

Basic self-defense skills. You have to be able to protect yourself, your family and your resources at least from minor enemies.

Weapons. In many areas you can’t have a gun legally. Even if it’s allowed, make sure you are trained to use them or the effect is opposite. Sticks, knifes and other accessories are easy to get and there is not a reason to not have them.

Have cash. Don’t hold all your money in the banks, you may lose access to them.

Have alternative cash. Basically have another currency as well in case your local one collapses.

Digital currencies – mainly bitcoin. They are great for crises and migration but don’t rely only on them because some people still have no idea about them and in case of power shortage or lack of internet they are basically useless.

Hard assets for trade. Gold and silver are first options. Eventually you can have iron, copper, wood, gas, medicines, alcohol, tobacco, clothes. Don’t sell food and water unless you have no other choice.

Power and energy sources. Again gas, gasoline, coal, wood, matches, same small electric generator, many batteries.

Cell phones with long battery life. Smartphones are good if you need to use navigation and send bitcoins, but they lack battery life, so make sure you have some old working phone with old SIM card that can stay on for days without charging.

Appropriate clothes. According to the weather and geographical conditions in your area you should know what you will need.

Some essential skill that can be useful in such situation. People should help each other and contribute not only goods but assistance. So it’s good to be a medic, a mechanic, an electrician, a carpenter, a builder, a combat professional, electronics specialist, translator maybe, etc. Even if you are not such by profession, you better learn something because you better be valuable.

Another place to live. In case your home is destroyed, flooded or whatever. Basically you need shelter. Many people don’t have 2nd home or it’s to far away. As a community, you can organize and build something. You can have tent or live in a car or van. It all depends on weather condition, living area, roads, migration. It’s best to have a place that’s easy to access and protect. It’s easier said than done.

Other survival gear. Blankets, map, compass, flashlight, ropes, gas mask and more. Make your research. You can have all at home but if you have to move make sure you can carry them.

Hope this is helpful. Most of these things do not cost a lot and the skills you should learn can serve you for life. Whatever you do, don’t get in trouble for nothing.

If you want to add or ask anything, post a comment below.

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