How Relevant Is The Debt Collapse Video By Mike Maloney About Gold, Silver And The Economy

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Year and a half ago Mike Maloney from uploaded a video in YouTube about gold, silver and the debt collapse. In this video he explains how the monetary systems work, what causes the financial crisis, wealth cycles and why to invest in precious metals like gold and silver. Since then the video has over 880,000 views which is a lot.

It’s hour and a half long, but if you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend it. It’s better use of time than watching stupid television. Some of you may consider it eye opening, too.

In this video he makes some strong predictions and explains really well what is happening in the economy and the financial system. You don’t have to be an expert to understand him. You just have to watch and listen.

Even though the video is a little old now, I think it’s still very relevant.
Most of the information in it can still guide you, actually it can serve you forever. Understanding economics, global finances and money is something that we all need. We must know how to adapt to the state of the economy we live in. Moaning and hoping isn’t going to get you anywhere.

I consider this video a great source of information first.
Yes, it advocates investing in gold an silver. And before you make any kind of investment, you must know what you are doing and understand the risks. Gold, silver and other commodities are not exceptions.
However, investing in your education is more important than any other investment you make. If you are dumb, odds are you are going to be on the losing side whatever you do.

The case of $20,000 ounce of gold

In the video Mike Maloney make a case for $20,000/oz price of gold in the near future. It sounds absurd compared to the current price of about $1600/oz but the arguments he has are solid and the financial mess around the world is so huge at the moment, that it’s not impossible.

Many people knock him about this prediction because in 1 and a half year gold hasn’t rise that much in dollars price. Many gold and silver investors from a year or two ago expected more by now. But you have to understand that it’s not that easy. If you are a precious metals investor, you are on a long ride. The gold and silver markets are highly manipulated.

Big players like the central banks, the big investment banks, the large hedge funds and other financial institutions don’t won’t high gold and silver prices and they have resources to manipulate the markets. However historically no market manipulation has lasted forever. So considering that, the precious metals markets are not done yet.

It’s not a coincidence that central banks around the world are buying gold. China is a big buyer of gold. Russia is accumulating gold as well. Germany tries to bring back their gold from the US. It’s a global trend.
They don’t trust the US dollar. And you should not either.
Believing and holding up to Fiat currencies in this days is crazy.

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