How EU Leaders Embarrassed Millions Of People On Victory Day – The 70th Anniversary

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70 years victory dayYesterday was May 9th 2015 – the day marked the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II. Technically most European countries celebrate on May 8th in their own countries. May 9th is the date when Russia celebrates (due to the time difference when the defeat was signed) and normally the whole world shares the celebration along with Russia at least out of respect.

After all, no matter how many Hollywood movies you watch, the Soviets were those who won the war and defeated Hitler.

More than 60 million people died in the war. More than 25 million of them were Soviet citizens. There was no one in  Russia that had not lost a family member, relative or at least many friends in that war. And that’s why they call it the Great Patriotic War there (Вели́кая Оте́чественная война́, Velíkaya Otéchestvennaya voyná).
And there were a lot of Western European who died in the war. Because of Nazism, Germany (the aggressor) lost almost 10 million people. That’s why Nazism is banned there now.

Again, normally the EU leaders go to Moscow to show respect and celebrate the Victory Day. After all, they are all free because the Soviet army won.
This time, in 2015, the EU leaders (with 1 exception) all boycotted the celebration.
Now, you would think that they should not skip the 70th anniversary, it’s not like the 69th anniversary, it’s the 70th.
But no, they did it. Even though a lot of them did not want to do it.

European countries, in particular their leaders, once again proved that they are nothing more than geopolitical puppets of the people who rule the United States.

It’s a shame, and an embarrassment for all the families of the millions of victims of the war in Europe, which their “leaders” did not attend the celebrations in Moscow.

This shows how much the EU states lack any sovereignty.
This kind of attitude was expected from the presidents of countries like the Baltic states, Poland, Romania or Bulgaria, where they have imbeciles running neo-colonial states, but the leaders of France or Germany had to show a little bit of self-respect and go against their masters orders.

Apparently some people want to rewrite history.
Well, for the stupid idiots in the public, the history is already fake, but for those who know at least a little bit, it’s embarrassing.

The only exception to the EU group of leaders was the Czech president Milos Zeman, who attended the Victory Day celebrations in Moscow. He got a worldwide popularity a few weeks ago when he showed balls when the American ambassador in the Czech Republic criticized him for the decision to attend the parade.

The EU needs more people like him, because right now the whole union is just a joke.

The whole “isolate Russia” thing is self-destructive for the EU and they know it, yet they can’t do anything about it for now.

The Victory Day parade

Despite the absence of the EU leaders and the US president (who nobody wanted there anyway), the Victory Day in Moscow gathered over 30 foreign leader, including the most important guest of all invited – the Chinese president  Xi Jinping.
He was right next to Vladimir Putin during the whole parade and he attended the Victory Day concert.

As for Victory Day, 2 years ago we published this article that exposes some of popular myths.

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