History of Western Tolerance for Dummies

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british worldWestern tolerance of races and origin is a common theme in popular culture. But the so called tolerance is merely a weapon of media wars. In real life, it is quite different, especially if we have in mind the history of the rich Western countries. It is just a myth worth busting.

Tolerance to races? You must be joking.

Just some simple examples. Slavery in USA was officially banned in 1865. Nevertheless, African Americans were regarded as subhumans by many White Americans until the second part of the 20th century and there are still active racist and nazi groups in USA. What is more, British and French colonialism lead to more than 100 million victims in China and India. The old colonialist countries considerably surpass even Nazi Germany in killing people. The need for cheap labor made rich countries tolerant to immigrants, but it was all about finding somebody to do dirty jobs, not Christian love to the poor.

The civilization excuse no more relevant
Western politicians for centuries have the self-confidence to claim that they spread civilization by colonizing other countries in the world and draining their resources. In fact, it was all about power – the West used to have technological supremacy for a long time, but this supremacy has come to an end as long as Asia is outdoing Europe and USA in many technologies. Regarding yourself as the carrier of civilization is actually racism. The West, and especially US, pretend to be the carriers of democracy all over the world, but more and more people already know that it is just a media excuse for starting a new expensive military campaign.

Rapidly changing world
Technology is the biggest pride of the West. But the significant technical progress that the Western world made in several centuries was achieved in many former colonies in just several decades because buying and copying technologies made it possible. No one knows for sure which countries will be technological leaders of the future.

Instead of a conclusion, we, Bitter Bananas, want to emphasize on the need of Western culture to stop thinking of itself as the ultimate civilization. The way the West achieved its superiority has nothing to do with tolerance. Unless the supporters of her Majesty consider killing and looting other nations a tolerant act.

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