Have a Right Attitude to Your Personality!

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having the right attitudeThe term personality is very often mentioned in popular psychology. However, many people use this term too fancifully. In order to explore yourself better, you should have a better understanding of personality according to natural sciences (and philosophy, of course).


The basics

  • There is a unity between personality and consciousness, in other words personality is a characteristic of human beings. There are no scientific proofs of the opposite (for example, the chair you are probably sitting on definitely does not have a personality).
  • There is a unity between personality and activity. Personality manifests itself through activities and in the same time is formed by them. So if you want others to respect you, you should show your personality by doing something serious. Otherwise you will remain unnoticed.
  • Personality is dynamical – it undergoes constant changes under the influence of factors of the outside world and internal impulses. For example, we all know the difference between children who were brought-up properly and who were not – parents participate in the formation of their child’s personality as an external factor.
  • Always have in mind that a human is a member of society – personality means nothing if you take a human being out of society.

Having the right attitude

right attitude for your personalityAssess yourself, but do it right. As long as personality, activities and social life are strongly connected, you can assess the significance of your personality in your social sphere – in your family, your neighborhood and among your colleagues.
If you want to improve yourself, start doing things in favor of the people who surround you. Thus you improve your connection with society and have a better chance to get help of you need. Having in mind that personality is dynamical, you can improve yourself by means of being active – and the more activities you have, the more abilities you obtain (and the more efficient you become).

So if you want to improve yourself, you already know what to do. Do not be hesitant, be active and insightful.

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