Governments Spying On People? Oh really? (NSA, PRISM, Edward Snowden & more)

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Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

In the last few days the main topic worldwide is the NSA PRISM case about the US government collecting information about their citizens.

All big tech company names are involved in the scandal – Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. In just a few days a person that no one knew about become the most popular man in the web – Edward Snowden. He is the guy who leaked that information to the medias.

Everyone is talking about it. It seems like such a big issue. But it is what it is and I’m not going to focus on that particular case but on the issue of governments spying on their own people in general.

Since the world exists those who are in power have  someone collecting intelligence data for them. In other words SPYING IS AS OLD AS PROSTITUTION. It is one of those things that will never go away for a good and a bad matter.

No one likes to be spied on. We all want our private life to remain private. And we certainly don’t like to be treated like potential terrorists when we are not. But the biggest reason why this is a big issue is that we don’t know what these people from the government agencies are going to do with our private information and how they are going to use it. There is no guarantee that someone isn’t going to use what he knows about something for his/their personal benefits.

You never feel free when you know that there are people who know almost everything about you and they can track anywhere, they know your behavior, personality and basically they have some control over you if they want. That’s the issue of privacy and the lack of freedom. You don’t really have them anymore.

The development of new technologies affects all industries including the intelligence gathering. The things that companies like Google, Facebook, your ISPs, etc know about you are priceless for the government. Back in the days they would had to recruit many new people to collect info about you or to rely on speculations. Now they just need some databases.

I don’t know why people got so surprised about the NSA information. It is a well known fact that governments spy on people. People act like “OMG REALLY, I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT THAT”. Well in that case you have to wake up, stupid!

The general excuse is that they are doing it because of SECURITY, to FIGHT CRIMINALS and to STOP TERRORISTS. I understand that they might need to do similar things in order to do that but are we all suspects?

Governments spying on their own people is a worldwide thing. They spend your tax money to spy on you pretending that they are providing security. You can forget about privacy. Your activities are tracked. Good or bad, it’s a fact.

Real issue is not the lack of privacy, it’s the lack of trust in the system.

After all for the average person is way more important what the governments are doing economically than some spying scandals. I don’t think most people realize it.

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