For Beginners: Caring About People’s Opinion

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Caring About People's OpinionWe live in a society so we are dependent to a certain extent on what others think about us. Even if we say that we do not care, we actually show that we used to care in the past or just to demonstrate some kind of independence. Regardless of this, we should be tolerable enough for society in order not to get ostracized.

Our appearance

Luckily, not all people are fashion fans. You may dress in a certain style because you want certain people to like you, but be sure they will like you, not your clothes only. To be honest, it is more important to be clean and neatly dressed than wear something that is fashionable just to impress someone. Respect yourself – do not be lousy. Have in mind – if the person you want to impress gets impressed only by clothes and is not interested in your personality, you should not expect intellectual communication, in short: the person is stupid.

Our behavior

The way we behave ourselves depends on things we want unconsciously – we want to feel appreciated by the others or just by a certain group of them. Happiness has its biochemical mechanisms and it is normal for us to strive for it – when we see people liking us we feel the effect of certain hormones that make us feel good. Knowing this, you can put yourself under control, especially if you love making provocative jokes or just want to become aware why you do some things that you later describe as nonsense. So when we behave ourselves in a certain way, we often do it just because we want the others to have a certain opinion about us.

Asking for opinion

If you ask for someone’s opinion about you, be aware that it may not be the same as yours. If you want to hear only approvals, you are actually asking for approval, not for an opinion. And make sure you are asking the right people – intelligent enough and not too pretentious. Do not expect the people you ask to be always straightforward and do not always get offended if they are too straightforward – they may be right.

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