EU Membership Advantages – The Ultimate Deception

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euPro-EU rhetoric is something common in the EU candidate countries. The citizens of these countries are brainwashed with EU-propaganda that is created to hide some ugly truths, such as Brussels’ corruption problems or the real aim of EU expansion – the economic and strategic interests of Germany, France and Britain. Here are three issues that really bust EU myths.

The free European market

It is an impertinent lie. If your country becomes an EU-member, the EU will demand that its market be open for goods made in EU. In the same time, your country has limited access to EU markets as long as the amount of goods it can export to the EU is fixed by regulations. How nice – how free! It is a perfect way to colonize a country without a war.

EU technical regulations

In order to be an EU-member, your country will have to bring its technical regulations to the level of EU regulations. You will have neither subsidies, nor access to cheap enough credit. So how on Earth will this happen?! In short, your EU membership will be the funeral of your industry. Who needs it? The EU, of course. Just an example – the foodstuffs overproduction in the EU is up to 140%. Logically, nobody in Europe needs your food processing industry.

EU – corruption free? Not really.

If you hope that EU regulations will help you do away with corruption, you make a big mistake. In the beginning of February, the European Commission alleged that corruption costs European economy the staggering 120 billion euros a year. Is it worth replacing your national corruption with the one of the whole EU?

Are you still thinking that the EU membership will bring advantages to your country? The three issues above show that the enlargement of the EU helps the developed European West gain advantage over the poorer countries in Europe, turning them into colonies where they can export their goods without market competition as long as the local industries will be swept away. But why do many national elites desire to make their countries a part of the EU? Maybe because the elites have found their places in the hierarchy of the corrupted European bureaucracy. Do not get deceived!

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