Culture of Celebrity Worshiping

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celebrity culture of worshipingModern popular culture is a total triumph of idiocy. Our societies are driven by mass media, Hollywood and public institutions, which results in all kinds of cults. We are living in a culture of cults.

Cult of personality is the strongest out there but unlike the traditional totalitarian environment, where there is one person that everyone has to worship, now there are plenty of people to worship and you have the freedom to select your favorite (the beauty of democracy). Those people are the so called celebrities – movie stars, music stars, athletes, some politicians, some business people, etc.

The cult of celebrities in modern societies is stronger than religion and it affects everyone, especially the young people. This is the culture of celebrity worshiping.

To make a quick distinction, this article is not about the so called celebrity worship syndrome (read about it in wikipedia), even though it has a lot of common points. It’s meant to refer to the idiocy of the society in general, not to the individual sickness of some people.

There is nothing wrong in admiring people.
Being a celebrity isn’t wrong, being popular isn’t wrong and people admiring your success, skills, knowledge and abilities is not wrong as well. It’s actually good. (assuming that you are part of the small % of celebrities who deserve it)
The issue comes when people put some famous individual on pedestal, when they idolize and when they get obsessed.

Being part of tribes and seeking role models is a natural human behavior. That’s why it’s normal to admire and follow other people. Unfortunately it’s all what people do today, which is self-destructive for the individual.

This culture of celebrity worshiping is used as deception – deception from real issues, deception from real achievements, deception from personal life and the ability to become better individual (whatever it means in the different cases). It’s also used as a way to dumb you down even more. It’s a very good control tool. Not to mention that it’s very profitable, at your expense.

Plenty of examples for celebrity worshiping:
Fans referring to popular people as idols
Google searches for celebrities top everything
Gossip magazines are the best seller
Hollywood and Oscars obsession (we saw it recently)
Reality shows have highest TV ratings
Mass media news networks have turned into soap operas
In political elections people vote for the “Messiah”
Some business CEOs are shown as excellent people who know everything
Talk shows’ main topic is “what is going on with some celebrity”
Many people follow more celebrities on social media than real-life friends
… and more

Idolizing people, putting them on pedestal destroys any possibility of having objectivity.
People become tools – unsuspecting subjects.

Let’s not talk about the set of values that most celebrities are imposing because it will get uglier. I’ll leave them for another article.

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